Science Labs & Learning Kits

Children learn through play. We have a selection of science labs and learning kits that make learning both fun and educational. Explore brands like MindWare®, National Geographic™, Smithsonian® and discover a love for science and more.


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BeginAgain® Tractor Stack Balance Game
Number: BAS1904
Price: $24.99
Melissa and Doug® Dinosaurs Learning Mat
Number: MD5027
Price: $2.99
Melissa and Doug® Phonics Learning Mat
Number: MD5030
Price: $3.99
Melissa and Doug® Addition Learning Mat
Number: MD5031
Price: $3.99
Melissa and Doug® Subtraction Learning Mat
Number: MD5032
Price: $3.99
Melissa and Doug® Telling Time Learning Mat
Number: MD5036
Price: $2.99
Melissa & Doug® Animals Learning Mat
Number: MD5047
Price: $3.99
MindWare® Dig It Up! Dinosaur Excavation Kit
Number: MW13933556
Price: $34.99
MindWare® Dig It Up! Discoveries™ Puppies Kit
Number: MW13933559
Price: $5.99
MindWare® Dig It Up! Castle Discovery Kit
Number: MW13993222
Price: $29.99
MindWare® Dig It Up! Crack the Crate Kit
Number: MW14093635
Price: $34.99
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