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Join us for our annual PineCar® Derby events! You can find more information for these and future events on our Facebook page. All the fun starts on Feb. 15, 2020 in Ogden and Mar. 7, 2020 in West Jordan.

In addition to prizes for our fastest racers we will also be awarding prizes to winners in the following categories:

  • Most creative
  • Most patriotic
  • Best paint job
  • Best vehicle that isn't a car
  • Best resemblance to a NASCAR racer

Pre-register online for these fun events (open to all ages!) and receive an electronic coupon for 10% off PineCar® brand cars and accessories. Sales are available for use in-store or online.

Missed this great event? Keep an eye out for future activities. We've always got something for the whole family to enjoy right here. See you soon!

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PineCar® Sponsors & Numbers Dry Transfer Decals
Number: WP306
PineCar® Stripes & Flames Dry Transfer Decals
Number: WP307
PineCar® DragonFire Dry Transfer Decals
Number: WP308
PineCar® Spyder Dry Transfer Decals
Number: WP312
PineCar® Turbo Dry Transfer Decals
Number: WP313
PineCar® Stockcar Dry Transfer Decals
Number: WP317
PineCar® Custom Designs Dry Transfer Decals
Number: WP318
PineCar® Formula Car Dry Transfer Decals
Number: WP319
PineCar® Raptor Stick-On Decals
Number: WP320
PineCar® Road Rocket Stick-On Decals
Number: WP322
PineCar® Horse Power Stick-On Decals
Number: WP323
PineCar® Baja Champ Body Accessories with Dry Transfer Decals
Number: WP330
PineCar® Drag Star Body Accessories with Dry Transfer Decals
Number: WP331
PineCar® Phantom Body Accessories with Dry Transfer Decals
Number: WP332
PineCar® Street Rod Body Accessories with Dry Transfer Decals
Number: WP333
PineCar® Eliminator Custom Parts Accessories
Number: WP341
PineCar® Canopy & Cockpit Sets
Number: WP346
PineCar® Racing Wheels Replacement Pack
Number: WP347
PineCar® Windshield Kit
Number: WP348
PineCar® Show Wheels
Number: WP349
PineCar® Round Weights
Number: WP350
PineCar® Tapered Weight
Number: WP351
PineCar® Strip Weights - 2 Pack
Number: WP352
PineCar® Bar Weight - 2 Oz.
Number: WP353
PineCar® Combo Weights
Number: WP354
PineCar® Dry White™ Teflon® Lubricant with Cling Additive
Number: WP355
PineCar® Speed Kit
Number: WP356
PineCar® Wheel Turning Mandrel
Number: WP357
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