Wooden Toy Guns & Swords

Perfect for Halloween and everyday playtime, your kids will LOVE playing with these wooden rubber band guns and wooden toy swords and shields! Paint them, decorate them, burn their initials or designs into them - have a blast with the endless possibilities! The simplest toys can really set your children's creativity free. Whether for a costume or the dress-up box, or even rubber band guns for your office pranks, you'll find it at Smith & Edwards. Make sure to stock up on official rubber band gun ammo!


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King Arthur Sword Wooden Toy
Number: 001KNGARTHR
Price: $13.99
Crusader Sword Wooden Toy
Number: 002CRSDR
Price: $13.99
Buccaneer Wood Pirate Sword 28"
Number: 003BCCNR
Price: $13.99
White Knight Wood Sword 23.5"
Number: 004WHTKNGHT
Price: $11.99
Black Knight Wood Sword 23.5"
Number: 005BLKNGH
Price: $11.99
Dragon Slayer Sword Wooden Toy
Number: 006DRGNSLYR
Price: $8.99
Scally Wag Wood Sword 18"
Number: 008SCLLYWG
Price: $8.99
Squire Dagger Wooden Toy
Number: 009SQR
Price: $9.99
Noble Wood Dagger 12.5"
Number: 010NBL
Price: $7.99
Barbarian Axe Wooden Toy
Number: 011BRBRN
Price: $13.99
Viking Axe Wooden Toy
Number: 012VKNG
Price: $13.99
Battle Axe Wooden Toy
Number: 013BTTLAX
Price: $13.99
Highlander Sword Wooden Toy
Number: 015HGHLNDR
Price: $6.99
Large Wood Shield 15.5"
Number: 019LGSHLD
Price: $14.99
Gladiator Roman Sword Wooden Toy
Number: 021GLDTR
Price: $11.99
Samurai Sword Wooden Toy
Number: 022SMR
Price: $11.99
Bowie Combat Knife Wooden Toy
Number: 023BWKNF
Price: $8.99
1873 Winchester Rifle Rubber Band Toy Gun
Number: GL21873S
Price: $34.99
9mm Rubber Band Pistol
Number: GL29MM
Price: $19.99
Colt 22  Rubber Band Pistol
Number: GL2C22
Price: $13.99
Range Rifle Rubber Band Toy Gun
Number: GL2RR
Price: $29.99