Miscellaneous Tack Hardware

Odds & ends for your leatherworking needs. Sleigh bells, rope clamps, slides, and more metal hardware in nickel and brass to ornament your Western tack or to make repairs.

Bork Saddlery Rigging Plates Brass
Number: 1008
Bork Saddlery Rigging Plates Brass
Number: 1009
Partrade Screw Eye And Ring 3/4" X 3"
Number: 10151W
Partrade 3/4" Plate Cross Tie Ring
Number: 10152W
Bork Saddlery Polished Brass 3-Way Rigging Plate
Number: 101B
Bork Saddlery Brass Rig Plate
Number: 11050W
Clendenin Brothers 1" Brass Escutheon Pins
Number: 14-001
Weaver Rope Nose Tie Down Hardware
Number: 19260W
Bork Saddlery Brass EZ Rigging Plate
Number: 22-00
Cressline Round End Swivel Bolt Snap Brass 1-1/4"
Number: 225-114B
Weaver Leather Stainless Steel Slide #2300 - 1"
Number: 2300-1SS
Horse Shoe Brand Stainless Steal Rigging Plate
Number: 5053SS
Partrade Hobble Chain with Swivel
Number: 641
Weaver Leather Brass Lash Cinch Hook
Number: 643
Bork Sadderly Brass Breast Collar Rigging Plate
Number: 74
Weaver Leather Saddle Strainer
Number: 751
Starting from $5.99
Weaver Leather Nickel Plated Belt Clip
Number: WC1087