Due to shipping restrictions, horseshoes are only available in-store at Smith & Edwards.

If you have questions, please give us a call at 801-731-1120 and ask for our Western department. We'll be happy to help you!

Horseshoes at Smith & Edwards


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Diamond® Economy Hoof Nipper with Plastic Grips
Number: 14D
Price: $53.99
Partrade Aluminum Twitch
Number: 243900
Price: $15.99
Lami-Cell® Chain End Twitch
Number: 244010
Price: $29.99
Partrade Import Hoof Nipper
Number: 244210
Price: $44.99
Partrade Folding Hoof Pick
Number: 244520
Price: $1.40
Partrade Metal Hoof Pick
Number: 244540
Price: $1.49
Partrade Hoof Pick With PVC Handle
Number: 244566
Price: $1.00
Partrade Hoof Oil Brush
Number: 245760
Price: $2.99
Bellota® Razor Plus Rasp - 14"
Number: 31108
Price: $35.99
Heller Rasps® Red Tang Rasp
Number: 32151W
Price: $31.99
Heller Rasps® Black Master Rasp - 14-inch
Number: 32152W
Price: $35.99
Heller Rasps® Legend Rasp
Number: 32165W
Price: $31.99
Partrade Tanged Rasp - 14"
Number: 4423
Price: $24.99
Mustad Hoof Care® Rasp Handle
Number: 60010W
Price: $6.99
Save Edge Rasp Handle - Red
Number: 739-0026FS
Price: $11.99
Save Edge Rasp Handle - Blue
Number: 739-0027FS
Price: $11.99
Save Edge Rasp Handle - White
Number: 739-0028FS
Price: $11.99
Save Edge Rasp Handle - Black
Number: 739-0029FS
Price: $11.99
Save Edge Hook & Loop File
Number: 739-0056
Price: $7.99
Save Edge Diamond Knife Sharpener
Number: 739-0059
Price: $43.99
Bellota Top Sharp Mini - 8"
Number: 935-M
Price: $28.99
Bellota® Classic Rasp
Number: 935C
Price: $32.99
Cliff Carroll Adjustable Disk Style Hoof Stand
Number: AHS
Price: $234.99
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