Horse Hobbles

Keep your horse nearby when you're out on the trail with a good hobble. You'll find nylon and leather horse hobbles here. No need for a picket line or a tree, he'll be safe with one of the horse hobbles here.

You'll find a huge selection of equine hobbles here at Smith & Edwards! That's because we're horse people too! We work hard to have an amazing selection of horse tack, especially Trail Riding gear - and in fact we actually make a lot of the tack we sell! Some of these leather hobbles are made right here in our shop in Utah!

Looking for information on how to train your horse to hobble? There's a great article here to get you started and familiar with the types of hobbles.



Lined Leather Chain Hobble
Number: 150-1350
Price: $74.99
AR Tack Nylon Chain Hobble
Number: 150-3240
Price: $31.99
Nylon Stake Out Hobble
Number: 3002
Price: $10.99
Oxbow Felt Lined Nylon Hobble with Chain
Number: 470133
Price: $20.99
1" Nylon Hobble
Number: 50P
Price: $11.99
1-3/4" Nylon Hobble
Number: 50PX
Price: $16.99
Smith & Edwards Latigo Figure-8 Hobble
Number: 617
Price: $34.99
Smith & Edwards Harness Figure-8 Hobble
Number: 617H
Price: $34.99
Smith & Edwards Leather Swivel Chain Hobble
Number: 624
Price: $35.99
Smith & Edwards Leather Stake Out Hobble
Number: 6241
Price: $15.99
Smith & Edwards Union Ring Hobble
Number: 634
Price: $32.99
Smith & Edwards Harness Leather Utah Hobble
Number: 644
Price: $17.99
Mustang Manufacturing Nylon Hobble - Non-slip
Number: 8746
Price: $26.99
Mustang Manufacturing Flat Braided Hobble
Number: 8752
Price: $9.99
Leather Double Hobbles
Number: BCLH3000
Price: $57.99
Smith & Edwards Single Hobble without Buckle
Number: BKLH
Price: $18.99