Flavorings & Nut Glazes

Something as simple as the food flavorings you use (or don't use) can make or break that special recipe. Explore the enticing variety of natural and artificial flavorings, from your more common vanilla extract to something a little more exotic, like coconut or rum. Let your imagination flow as you think of the amazing foods you can create!

Like most of us, vanilla is probably your number one go-to flavoring. With good reason! It seems to be the perfect complement for baked goods and is found in a large majority of our recipes. All vanilla is not created equal, however. Here you'll find a vanilla extract to suit your needs, whether it be award winning double strength, natural Madagascar Bourbon, or maybe you prefer a more cost effective artificial vanilla. Whatever your taste, you'll find it here!

When we think of food flavorings, we usually think of baked goods or frostings. Have you ever added a drop of mint or lemon extract in your water for a refreshing twist? Or added a hint of caramel to your favorite fudge brownies? What about a tease of root beer in your next barbecue? Have fun looking through the flavors. Hopefully you'll find something that will inspire you to try something new! Grab some food colorings here for more fun things to do with your food.



Spice Time® Pure Vanilla Extract - 2 oz.
Number: GEL30910
Price: $6.99
Spice Time® Pure Lemon Extract - 2 oz.
Number: GEL30940
Price: $1.99
Spice Time® Pure Anise Extract - 2 oz.
Number: GEL30950
Price: $1.99
Spice Time® Imitation Almond Extract - 2 oz.
Number: GEL30960
Price: $1.99
Roots & Branches® Toffee Nut Glaze
Number: VKP1216
Price: $4.99
Roots & Branches® Cinnamon Nut Glaze
Number: VKP1217
Price: $4.99
J.R. Watkins Original Baking Vanilla - 11 Ounce
Number: WAT01008
Price: $16.99
J.R. Watkins Imitation Vanilla Extract
Number: WAT60384
Price: $2.99
J.R. Watkins Pure Vanilla Extract - 2 ounce
Number: WAT60387
Price: $12.99
J.R. Watkins Double Strength Clear Imitation Vanilla - 2 Ounce
Number: WAT60389
Price: $3.49
J.R. Watkins Pure Almond Extract
Number: WAT60391
Price: $4.99
J.R. Watkins Pure Orange Extract
Number: WAT60392
Price: $3.99
J.R. Watkins Pure Peppermint Extract
Number: WAT60394
Price: $3.99
J.R. Watkins Pure Lemon Extract
Number: WAT60395
Price: $3.99
J.R. Watkins Pure Anise Extract
Number: WAT60430
Price: $3.99
J.R. Watkins Imitation Coconut Extract
Number: WAT60435
Price: $3.99
J.R. Watkins Maple Extract
Number: WAT60436
Price: $3.99
J.R. Watkins Pure Mint Extract
Number: WAT60437
Price: $3.99
J.R. Watkins Imitation Root Beer Flavoring
Number: WAT60439
Price: $3.99
J.R. Watkins Imitation Rum Extract
Number: WAT60440
Price: $3.99
J.R. Watkins Imitation Caramel Extract
Number: WAT60445
Price: $4.99