Vacuum Sealers and Accessories

Seal your meats and vegetables for freezing or storage with the innovative FoodSaver vacuum system. It's easy to use! Whether you need to store a winter's worth of deer meat or some fish fillets, simply cut your bag, then slide the meat in the plastic and seal - and you're set. You can even put mashed potatoes, soup, and sauces in the bag, then freeze. Vacuum seal protects your food from freezer burn and spoilage.

Whichever components you need, Smith and Edwards has the FoodSaver vacuum sealers and food saver bags to keep your food fresh and your meals easy.

Ideal for freezer jam, you'll love these freezer storage containers! Plastic and able to expand in the freezer, they're available in pints, quarts, and a few other sizes - perfect for batches of freezer jam or just leftovers.

Durable and reusable with no leaks, help yourself to freezer jam, spoon after spoon, and when your delicious jam is eaten, simply wash the freezer container and it's ready to go again. A great way to share your jam, soups, and sauces with friends and family. Just make sure they remember to bring them back!



FoodSaver Bags - Quart
Number: 6166680
Price: $15.99
FoodSaver Bags - Gallon
Number: 6166722
Price: $15.99
Scotch Freezer Tape - 3/4"
Number: 62265
Price: $3.99