Willow Tree Figurines

Pieces cast from original carvings of artist Susan Lordi, each captures a moment in time or a feeling. Highly detailed pieces are painted by hand in softly washed colors. Here you'll find unique figurines that express personal feelings, accomplishments, moments, and events that happens throughout life. High quality figurines are a great way to celebrate a loved one's memories, a new addition to a family, and many more special moments.

The name Willow Tree symbolizes healing, courage, hope, and love. Figures are columnar in design, like a tree, and often carry natural objects or animals that serve as metaphors for human virtues or qualities. Flowers represent beauty, animals for healing, rosemary for remembrance, and much more.

The sculptures are elegant, simple, and suggest peace and serenity. Forms reveal their expressions through body gestures only... direction of the body, the placement of the hands, the tilt of the head. The emotion in each figurine is a unique and personal experience for the viewer to discern. Willow Tree is an understood line that speaks in a compelling way.

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Willow Tree® Angel of Friendship
Number: DEM26011
Willow Tree® Angel of Prayer
Number: DEM26012
Willow Tree® Angel of Healing
Number: DEM26020
Willow Tree® Sisters by Heart
Number: DEM26023
Willow Tree® New Life
Number: DEM26029
Willow Tree® Father and Daughter
Number: DEM26031
Willow Tree® Angel of Comfort
Number: DEM26062
Willow Tree® Grandmother
Number: DEM26072
Willow Tree® Tenderness
Number: DEM26073
Willow Tree® Angel of Caring
Number: DEM26079
Willow Tree® Angel's Embrace
Number: DEM26084
Willow Tree® Mother and Son
Number: DEM26102
Willow Tree® Angel of the Garden
Number: DEM26103
Willow Tree® Sign for Love
Number: DEM26110
Willow Tree® Promise
Number: DEM26121
Willow Tree® Wisdom
Number: DEM26122
Willow Tree® Angel of Mine
Number: DEM26124
Willow Tree® New Dad
Number: DEM26129
Willow Tree® Keepsake
Number: DEM26132
Willow Tree® Heart of Gold
Number: DEM26142
Willow Tree® Courage
Number: DEM26149
Willow Tree® Friendship
Number: DEM26155
Willow Tree® Just For You
Number: DEM26166
Willow Tree® Our Gift
Number: DEM26181
Willow Tree® Anniversary
Number: DEM26184
Willow Tree® Brother and Sister
Number: DEM26187
Willow Tree® Two Together
Number: DEM26188
Willow Tree® Angel of Freedom
Number: DEM26219
Willow Tree® Inquisitive Child
Number: DEM26227
Willow Tree® My Girls
Number: DEM26232
Willow Tree® Angel of Hope
Number: DEM26235
Willow Tree® With My Grandmother
Number: DEM26244
Willow Tree® Beautiful Wishes
Number: DEM26246
Willow Tree® Remembrance
Number: DEM26247
Willow Tree® You're the Best!
Number: DEM26248
Willow Tree® Sunshine
Number: DEM26249
Willow Tree® Forget-Me-Not
Number: DEM26454
Willow Tree® Lavender Grace
Number: DEM26465
Willow Tree® My Sister, My Friend
Number: DEM27095
Willow Tree® Prayer of Peace
Number: DEM27158
Willow Tree® Bloom
Number: DEM27159
Willow Tree® Soar
Number: DEM27173
Willow Tree® Always
Number: DEM27180
Willow Tree® Abundance
Number: DEM27181
Willow Tree® Around You
Number: DEM27182
Willow Tree® Warm Embrace
Number: DEM27250
Willow Tree® Thank You
Number: DEM27267
Willow Tree® Something Special
Number: DEM27269
Willow Tree® MotherDaughter
Number: DEM27270
Willow Tree® Sweetheart
Number: DEM27344
Willow Tree® Joyful Child, Dark Hair
Number: DEM27346
Willow Tree® Spirited Child (Dark)
Number: DEM27347
Willow Tree® Thoughtful Child (Dark)
Number: DEM27348
Willow Tree® Imaginative Child, Dark Hair
Number: DEM27349
Willow Tree® Inquisitive Child, Dark Hair
Number: DEM27350
Willow Tree® Caring Child
Number: DEM27351
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