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Welcome to the Black Top Repair & Concrete Category! This area of the site is new and we will do our best to add products and categories to this page. Please check back with us while we do so.

These products can currently be shopped in either our Ogden (Farr West) or West Jordan locations. Come out and shop our in store selection today!

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Paracord Rope - Precut Hanks

Paracord Rope - Precut Hanks

Blaine's got the paracord colors and buckles you need for your projects and outdoors adventures - he knows because he uses it, too! Blaine's taken this paracord on his camping trips, used it for home repairs and projects - and he's seen countless creations made by Utah customers.
Rope Buyer

Durable with just the slightest bit of stretch, you'll find over 150 different nylon cords in a huge array of colors, all made to highest specifications. Choose from multicolored or solid paracord, including Olive Drab and Birthday Cake, two of our best-sellers.

Holds up to a lot, but you can cut it quick with a good knife. Singe the ends to keep from fraying. Our Paracord comes in 100-foot bundles. Keep few bundles with your camping gear - and keep one in your trunk, too! Made in the USA.

About Paracord

Originally developed for paratroopers in WWII, paracord's made a name for itself in the outdoors & survival world. Some say it's more useful than duct tape, for good reason. You can use 550 paracord, which has a breaking point of 550 pounds, for tying down tents and gear. You can also improvise - say, a fishing line from the "guts," the core nylon strands, or make a paracord tourniquet out in the field.

From bracelets and lanyards to Turk's head knots and Boy Scouts sliders for neckerchiefs, and plain just throwing in the trunk for emergencies, you'll find the perfect color paracord for your adventure here. You'll always want to bring some Paracord with you on trips, hikes, and more. This paracord will always come in handy when you least expect it.

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Paracord Rope - By the Foot

Paracord Rope - By the Foot

You'll find a HUGE selection of Paracord rope at Smith & Edwards! It can be overwhelming to pick 100-foot hanks of paracord (you can see all paracord here). So we grouped our most popular colors of paracord together here: Choose from Military, Zombie, Reflective, Neon, and much more, to make your survival bracelets or knife wraps. Plus, we carry great Paracord buckles here for paracord bracelets and collars.

Whether you're shopping for paracord for Boy Scouts, self preparedness, or projects, come to Smith & Edwards for your paracord needs. Plus with flat-rate shipping at $5.95, you can get a BIG box of paracord at great prices.

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Paracord Buckles

Paracord Buckles

Paracord survival bracelets and gear are smart and practical ways to carry survival cord with you, wherever you go. Make your own bracelet, canteen sling, even sleeves for flashlights and knife sheaths! Paracord gear makes great gifts for your friends and family who love the outdoors as much as you do. These black plastic clasps are ideal for using with paracord to make bracelets and survival gear.

Also called side release buckles, these survival buckle clasps will hold your bracelets securely, and they are curved, so they'll fit your wrist perfectly. Choose from several sizes of Paracord bracelet buckles here - some of which are made here in the USA! 3/8", 1/2", and 5/8", available in packs of 5 or more.

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Nylon Webbing, Velcro, & Rope

Nylon Webbing, Velcro, & Rope

You'll find nylon webbing and cotton rope by the foot here at Smith & Edwards... and in some cases, also by the roll! People use this nylon webbing to make headstalls for horses and collars & harnesses for dogs. We use some of this webbing and cotton rope ourselves in our Western reins, lead ropes, and other Western Tack we make here in our Ogden, Utah workshop! You'll find even more rope and webbing in our Rope Room in-store, too.

Looking for paracord? You'll find 100-foot hanks of paracord in 150+ colors right here! We ship all over the United States. Looking for a shipping quote to Canada? Please give us a call at 801-731-1120.

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Wall Hanging Hardware

Wall Hanging Hardware

The Hangman® line of wall hangers & creative wall solutions is an awesome brand-new line that we've brought into Smith & Edwards. Whether you live in an apartment with the damage deposit always in mind, or you're finally ready to decorate the halls of your home, the Hangman hanging kits are a clever solution to display your family portraits, your artwork, and your kids' photos. Scroll down to check them out!

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Signs, Letters and Numbers

Signs, Letters and Numbers

Find the right signage you need to sell your home or car or replace the numbers on your house, boat, trailer and more.

Don't see what you're looking for? This category is fairly new to the Smith & Edwards website and many of these products have not been added to our online catalog. Join us at either our Ogden (Farr West) or West Jordan locations and shop the in-store selection today!

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Nite Ize® Gear Tie 3 in. Assorted Twist Ties - 4 Pack
Number: 3388683
Price: $4.59
Nite Ize® Gear Tie 6 in. Black Twist Ties - 2 Pack
Number: 3388808
Price: $4.59
Nite Ize® Gear Tie 32 in. Black Twist Ties - 2 Pack
Number: 3388873
Price: $7.99
Nite Ize® Gear Tie 3 in. Black Twist Ties - 2 Pack
Number: 3389194
Price: $4.59
Nite Ize® Gear Tie 18 in. Black Twist Ties - 2 Pack
Number: 3389293
Price: $5.99
Nite Ize® Gear Tie 24 in. Black Twist Ties - 2 Pack
Number: 3389343
Price: $6.99
Nite Ize® Gear Tie 12 in. Black Twist Ties - 2 Pack
Number: 3405453
Price: $5.59
Nite Ize® Gear Tie 12 in. Orange Twist Ties - 2 Pack
Number: 3491578
Price: $5.59
Nite Ize® Gear Tie 12 in. Assorted Twist Ties - Pro Pack
Number: 3560067
Price: $24.99
Nite Ize® Gear Tie 6 in. Assorted Twist Ties - Pro Pack
Number: 3560174
Price: $19.99
Nite Ize® Gear Tie Bendable S-Hook
Number: 5012109D
Price: $5.99
First Alert® Carbon Monoxide Alarm
Number: 5024747
Price: $59.99
Padlock 2-1/2" Shkl Lam
Number: 54951
Price: $16.99
First Alert® Hardwired Smoke & Carbon Monoxide Alarm
Number: 5975735
Price: $69.99
Ace® First Alert Battery-Powered Carbon Monoxide Detector
Number: 5976980
Price: $24.99
First Alert® Smoke Alarm with 10-year Battery
Number: 5977376
Price: $31.99
First Alert® Smoke & Carbon Monoxide Alarm with 10-year Battery
Number: 5979026
Price: $54.99
First Alert® Auto Fire Extinguisher UL rated 5-B:C
Number: 8035925
Price: $23.99
First Alert® Rechargeable Garage Fire Extinguisher UL Rated 10-B:C
Number: 80594
Price: $25.99
First Alert® Kitchen Fire Extinguisher UL Rated 5-B:C
Number: 86536
Price: $23.99
Ace® Standard Household Fire Extinguisher
Number: 87892
Price: $24.99
Nite Ize® Gear Tie Reusable Rubber Twist Tie 4 pack - Neon Yellow - 3 in.
Number: GT3-4PK-33
Price: $4.99
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