Western Reins

Smith & Edwards is your source for Western reins for horses. Whether you're a barrel racer, roper, rancher, or showing horses, you'll find the nylon or leather reins you want here. Plus, we make several styles of reins, so you've come to the right people for ALL your Western tack!

You'll find several styles of leather horse reins here: connected roping reins, two-part split reins for barrel racing, even romal reins for showing or if you like to use those on the ranch. We have reins here that we've made ourselves, as well as Valhoma nylon reins, and Bryan leather reins. Choose nylon, harness, latigo, or Hermann Oak leather for those reins you'll be using day after day on your horse.

Whatever style of Western riding you love - working on the ranch, trail riding, rodeo, 4H, or showing - you've found your people here at Smith & Edwards. We've been making Western tack here in Farr West, Utah for decades. You may have even seen the leather reins we've made in tack shops across the West. No matter your location, we're here to give you the best Western tack at great prices. Please let us know if we can help you find anything!


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Rolled & Sewn Roping Rein
Number: 120-114
Price: $35.99
Smith & Edwards Round Leather Split Rein
Number: 189SR
Price: $37.99
Valhoma Nylon Split Reins
Number: 110R
Price: $15.99
Barbed Wire Roping Rein
Number: 120-730
Price: $30.99
5/8" Heavy Harness Roping Rein
Number: 120-399
Price: $28.99
Brown Harness Roping Rein
Number: 120-639
Price: $29.99
Russet Split Rein with Spots
Number: 120-8089
Price: $68.99
Deluxe Round Braided Roping Rein
Number: 1320
Price: $84.99
Leather Braided Romal Reins
Number: 1300
Price: $109.99
Mustang 5/8" X 8' Waxed Roping Rein
Number: 8180
Price: $21.99
Mustang Vaquero Roping Reins
Number: 8135
Price: $9.99
Mustang 3/4"X8' Waxed Rein With Lace
Number: 8134
Price: $13.99
Mustang® Round Braided Trail Rein
Number: 8109
Price: $18.99
Mustang Manufacturing Draw Rein
Number: 8725D
Price: $26.99
Mustang Manufacturing Jute 8' Roping Rein
Number: 8146J
Price: $14.99
Mustang Manufacturing Nylon Braided Roping Rein - 1"
Number: 8133
Price: $17.99
Mustang Manufacturing Nylon Braided Roping Rein - 1/2"
Number: 8132
Price: $16.99
Mustang Manufacturing Nylon Braided Split Rein - 1/2"
Number: 8130
Price: $22.99
Mustang Manufacturing Waxed Braided Rope Rein - 5/18" X 8'
Number: 8125
Price: $9.99
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