Pack Saddle Cinches and Breeching

People love to go trail riding and when you go trail riding with friends or groups, you'll want to bring more than just your horse can carry! Plus, hunting on horseback means a mule or horse to help pack out those elk quarters. To do that, we make our own pack saddle cinches, breeching, and breastcollars. And click here to shop pack saddles and click to shop pack bags & panniers made here in Utah by our workshop!

Having good cotton webbing pack saddle breeching and cotton lash cinches will help you outfit your pack horse without breaking the bank on leather tack. Plus, the cotton cleans easily and features strong harness leather straps to attach to your pack saddle or straps.

Go have fun out there on the trail. Bring home a winter's worth of meals from your hunting trip. And whatever you need, you can get it delivered from Smith & Edwards. The Western states have trusted our tack we make since 1979, let us help you on your backcountry adventure.



Smith & Edwards Lash Cincha
Number: 1-673
Price: $39.99
Oxbow Tack 3" Russet Complete Back Cinch
Number: 240624
Price: $71.99
Smith & Edwards Pack Saddle Breast Collar
Number: 3-673
Price: $31.99
Smith & Edwards Pack Saddle Breeching
Number: 4-673
Price: $33.99
Smith & Edwards Complete Pack Saddle Breeching
Number: 5-673
Price: $56.99