Horse and Livestock Brushes & Combs

Keep your 4-H animals or horse clean, groomed and ready for shows or events with the right tools. Those judges will be watching, so get clippers, brushes, wraps, combs, and shears to help keep your animals even cleaner than you!


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Tail-Tamer Rainbow Paddle Brush
Number: 1000RNBW
Price: $12.99
Decker Small Reversible Curry Comb
Number: 15-S
Price: $7.99
Decker  Shedding Comb - Assorted Colors
Number: 20DSC
Price: $6.99
Decker Twin Blade Shredder - Scraper
Number: 22-SS
Price: $10.99
Partrade 9" Plastic Comb
Number: 24403W
Price: $1.49
Partrade Aluminum Mane Comb with Wood Handle
Number: 244060
Price: $2.99
Partrade Aluminum Mane Comb
Number: 244070
Price: $3.49
Partrade Mane/Tail Comb with Rubber handle
Number: 24410W
Price: $1.49
Partrade Aluminum Mane & Tail Comb
Number: 244110
Price: $2.99
Partrade Hose Curry Comb
Number: 24413W
Price: $3.99
Partrade Small Rubber Curry Comb
Number: 244170
Price: $4.49
Partrade Large Rubber Curry Comb
Number: 244180
Price: $5.49
Partrade Steel Curry Comb With Teeth
Number: 244250
Price: $6.99
Partrade Gel Mitten Grooming Comb
Number: 24433W
Price: $4.49
Partrade Stainless Steel Bot Egg Scraper
Number: 244500
Price: $8.99
Partrade Aluminum Sweat Scraper
Number: 244510
Price: $4.49
Partrade Plastic Sweat Scraper
Number: 244512
Price: $2.99
Partrade Rubber Glove Massage Mitt
Number: 24484W
Price: $6.99
Partrade Large Dandy Stiff Bristle Brush - Assorted Colors
Number: 244980
Price: $7.99
Partrade Large Dandy Medium Bristle Brush - Assorted Colors
Number: 244990
Price: $7.99
Partrade Natural Wood Handle Bristle Brush
Number: 245550
Price: $8.99
Partrade Curved Mane Brush
Number: 24607W
Price: $2.99
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