Pack Saddles

Smith & Edwards makes the trail riding gear you need - including these pack saddles! Get the quality you need at a reasonable price. These pack saddles are all available! If they are marked out of stock, please contact us to order one.

If you're wondering where to find pack saddles in Utah, Smith & Edwards is the place! And if you're in Montana, Idaho, Wyoming, or anywhere in the US, we'll be happy to send you your own Decker pack saddles so you can get out there and have an adventure or getaway in your neck of the woods. Click here to shop pack bags (we make those here, too!) and click to shop all Western Tack & Gear.

We ship orders very quickly and FedEx has been a great carrier for us. We've sold Western tack for decades and we're horse people too. We carry dozens of brands of Western tack as well as making our own leather items right here in our workshop in Farr West, Utah. Thanks for stopping in!



Smith & Edwards Decker Pack Pad
Number: 611
Price: $99.99
Smith & Edwards Professional Pack Saddle
Number: 672P
Price: $629.99
Smith & Edwards Pack Saddle with Humane Tree
Number: 673A
Price: $559.99
Smith & Edwards Decker Pack Saddle & Pad
Number: 676A
Price: $749.99
Sawbuck Pack Saddle Tree
Number: SB2018
Price: $189.99