Tie Downs & Nosebands

Keep your horse's head down while you train, work, or compete with a leather noseband, cavesson, or tie down. If you're looking to keep your horse's whole body collected, click here to shop for martingales.

You'll find Western nosebands for your horse here at Smith & Edwards! We want to be your first choice for Western tack: ranching, rodeo, ranch rodeo, and just training your horse. We hope you'll find the leather noseband, tiedown, or cavison you're looking for here. Whether you're competing in team roping or team branding, or just putting in more time with your horse to help her learn, you'llf find nosebands for horses that'll do the job.

There's a reason we have nosebands for sale, and it's not just on a whim! Smith & Edwards has a long history with supplying ranchers and rodeo competitors with the gear they need. We actually make some of these tiedowns ourselves. Smith & Edwards has made leather tack for Western riders & their horses for over 35 years! Click here to shop even MORE Western tack.



Tooled Roper Noseband
Number: 140-4221
Price: $48.99
Rope Headsetter
Number: 3018
Price: $40.99
Nylon Noseband Tie Down
Number: 602
Price: $10.99
Latigo Cavesson
Number: 640
Price: $9.99
Oxbow Leather Covered Rope Noseband
Number: 857117
Price: $34.99
Oxbow Leather Double Rope Noseband
Number: 857127
Price: $48.99
Oxbow Double Rope Rawhide Braided Noseband
Number: 857128
Price: $57.99
Oxbow 1/4" Single Rope Leather Covered Noseband
Number: 857130
Price: $35.99
Roper Noseband w/ Cavison
Number: BCLH925
Price: $45.99
Leather Flat Cavison
Number: BCLH950
Price: $36.99
Leather Rolled Cavison
Number: H980
Price: $42.99
Leather Tie Down
Number: TDSCS
Price: Starting at $6.99