Ponchos & Rain Gear

Whether its stingin' rain, big ol' fat rain, rain that flys in sideways, or rain that seems to come from straight up underneath... stay dry. You'll find emergency ponchos to keep in your trunk or emergency kit, as well as rain pants and jackets here for your job, hiking, or even rock climbing on a rainy spring day. You'll find the driest brands here from Coghlan's, Red Ledge, Frogg Toggs, Guide's Choice and Cold Water.

You'll be protected from rainstorms and bad weather with rainwear that will slip right over your shirt, coat, or jacket. Choose from low-cost, disposable ponchos and serious aluminum-and-polyethylene heat-reflecting ponchos that will give you real protection from the elements. Keep several in your emergency gear and in your car for those unpredictable situations.

Whether you're building your 72-hour kit, an emergency kit or survival room for your family, or putting together a car emergency kit, you ought to take one of these survival ponchos with you. Lightweight and reusable, these hooded ponchos can make the difference in a survival situation - even just protect your work clothes when you have to change a tire on a rainy commute. These ponchos will come in handy in more situations than you expect, and thanks to your planning and preparation, you'll stay warm and dry.



Coghlan's Emergency Poncho
Number: 9173
Price: $1.99
Coghlan's Lightweight Yellow Poncho
Number: 9268
Price: $4.99
Coghlan's Lightweight Olive Drab Poncho
Number: 9269
Price: $4.99
5ive Star Gear® Woodland Camo Poncho
Number: ATL3102000
Price: $31.99
Four Seasons® Kids Umbrella - Dinosaur
Number: FS51340
Price: $4.99
SE® Waterproof Backpack Cover
Number: SETP110BC
Price: $5.99