Duck & Turkey Calls

If your group of decoys looks like a duck and quacks like a duck, you'll be in business! Call in the geese and ducks with a duck call from Primos or Duck Commander. And, we love the Tanglefree decoy systems - watch for even more to come!

Looking for elk calls? Click here for Big Game calls.



Hunter's Specialties Push Button Yelper Turkey Call
Number: HS07056
Price: $16.99
Primos Hunting® Honky Tonk Duck Call
Number: PRI-866
Price: $29.99
Primos Hunting® Hook Up™ Magnetic Turkey Box Call
Number: PRI259
Price: $39.99
Rocky Mountain Hunting Calls One Eyed Tweet Turkey Diaphragm Call
Number: RM206
Price: $8.99
Rocky Mountain Hunting Calls Sharp Tooth Jack Turkey Diaphragm Call
Number: RM207
Price: $9.99
Rocky Mountain Hunting Calls Black Max Turkey Diaphragm Call
Number: RM208
Price: $8.99