Plastic Storage Containers, Sacks, & Bags

When building your survival kit, you'll want a good way to store medicine, important documents, and small tools for survival. You'll find a wide array of small waterproof containers as well as multiple-compartment containers. We've even got a great way to store your ammunition underground in preparation for any emergency situation - click here for even more ammo boxes.

Set yourself up for success with waterproof and water-resistant containers for your emergency kit. Whether you're in an area prone to severe weather conditions, or you simply want to be prepared for the worst, keep copies of important documents and spare medicine safe in a water-resistant dry box. Smith & Edwards carries the most useful survival supplies for your kits so you can build your own 72-hour kit or stock your own survival room. The small waterproof containers here are excellent for wearing around your neck and taking on trips such as to amusement parks so your children always have any information, medicine, or identification they need to have with them. Don't wait - get prepared today.


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Coghlan's 10L Compression Sack 7" x 16"
Number: 1116
Price: $14.99
Coghlan's 15L Compression Sack 8" x 18"
Number: 1118
Price: $16.99
Coghlan's 30 Liter Compression Sack 10.5" x 23"
Number: 1123
Price: $19.99
Medical Marine-Style EMT Pouch
Number: 15-958516000
Price: $10.99
Medical Small Utility Pouch Red
Number: 15-959216000
Price: $14.99
Lewis N Clark Toiletry Kit
Number: 1551TPE
Price: $14.99
Lewis N Clark Large Packing Cube - Charcoal & Yellow
Number: 1562CHR
Price: $17.99
Kelty® Compression Stuff Sack - Large
Number: 39008782
Price: $19.99
Kelty® Compression Stuff Sack - Extra Large
Number: 39008783
Price: $21.99
5.11 10 X 6 Horizontal Pouch
Number: 51158716SCS
50mL Frosted Glass Jar
Number: 5THFGJ
Price: $5.00
Coghlan's 10" x 20" Stuff Bag
Number: 8210
Price: $6.99
Coghlan's Ditty Bags - Set of 3
Number: 8233
Price: $3.49
Lewis N Clark Nylon Stuff Bag - 10" x 22"
Number: 93112BLK
Price: $8.99
Lewis N Clark Nylon Stuff Bag - 13" x 30"
Number: 93116BLK
Price: $10.99
Coghlan's Three Piece Mesh Ditty Bag Set
Number: 9869
Price: $3.99
Coghlan's 10L Lightweight Dry Bag
Number: COG1107
Price: $8.99
Coghlan's 25L Lightweight Dry Bag
Number: COG1110
Price: $11.99
Coghlan's® Coghlan's® 55 Liter Dry Bag
Number: COG1112
Price: $14.99
Coghlan's® Coghlan's® Stuff Bag 12X22 inches
Number: COG8212
Price: $6.99
Coghlan's® Coghlans 14X30 inch Stuff Bag
Number: COG8214
Price: $8.99
Lewis N Clark Nylon Ditty Bag - 4" x 9"
Number: LC93102BLK
Price: $4.99
Lewis N Clark Nylon Ditty Bag 5" x 11"
Number: LC93104BLK
Price: $5.99
Lewis N Clark Red Duffel Bag - 14 In. x 30 In.
Number: LC93202RED
Price: $29.99
Lewis N Clark 40L Heavy Duty Dry Bag
Number: LC94043
Price: $29.99
Lewis N Clark Rucksack - 90L
Number: LC94153
Price: $79.99
Lewis N Clark Lightweight Dry Bag - 30L
Number: LC94514
Price: $24.99
Liberty Mountain Stuff Bag 8X18 Blue Bilby
Number: LM146336
Price: $9.99