Hackamore Bits

Using a hackamore on your horse is a great way to communicate with him. It's most known for its bitless headgear and for incredible stopping power. These mechanical hackamores work on the nose but still use shanks like a regular bit. If you are looking for a traditional hackamore with a bosal, check them out here - we make them in our very own Smith and Edwards tack shop!

A mechanical hackamore is made up of a noseband which is often leather, a curb chain, and metal shanks that the reins are attached to. Sometimes it is referred to as a bitless bridle. Many use it because it allows the horse to eat and drink easily without having to take off the headgear and is often used for its powerful stopping power. Click here to look for new reins to go with your new bit.



Metalab Short "S" Rope Hackamore - Antique Finish
Number: 237160
Price: $53.99
Metalab Rubber Cover Bike Chain Hackamore
Number: 251000
Price: $64.99
Metalab Stainless Steel Clear Plastic Hack Bit
Number: 251001
Price: $15.00
Stainless Steel Braided Leather Nose Hackamore
Number: 251108
Price: $60.00
Metalab Fleece Lined Leather Nose Hackamore
Number: 251310
Price: $59.99
Metalab Stainless Steel Hack Bit 5" Copper Snaffle
Number: 251562
Price: $79.99