Fruit Peelers and Pitters

Canning and baking are fun again without the hassle of peeling every skin and slicing every apple! You'll find several apple peelers to choose from here at Smith and Edwards - and these apple peeling machines aren't good for just apples. They'll peel potatoes, yams, beets, and more. We love the suction-type apple peelers & slicers, but you can find the clamp styles here too.

There are even more handy kitchen gadgets here besides the apple peelers here. The cherry pitter (aka cherry stoner) should always be on-hand in the summertime, because it's best to be prepared for making canned cherries, pie filling, and cobbler! And your corn creamer will get a lot of use when you buy corn on the cob: it'll nicely cut each kernel off the cob, giving you all the kernels in record time. Each of these gadgets will make your kitchen a happier place!



Roots & Branches® Cherry Stoner Gasket
Number: VKP1009-5
Price: $2.99
Mrs. Anderson's Apple Peeler Machine
Number: HIC43208
Price: $24.99
Deluxe Cherry Pitter
Number: 6194286
Price: $31.99
Roots & Branches® Cherry Pitter
Number: VKP1152
Price: $24.99