Leather Working Tools

We stock advanced tools and equipment designed for leatherworking here at Smith & Edwards - plus, we use a lot of this ourselves to make our own Smith & Edwards brand Western tack here in our workshop! Whether you're simply making a new belt, or putting the finishing touches or adjustments on your favorite saddle, we have what you need. Explore draw gauges, wing dividers, rivet setters, knives, needles, awls, and punches.


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Round Knife Master Tool
Number: 00068
Price: $109.99
English Point Strap End Punch
Number: 0150SCS
Price: Starting at $59.99
Rounded Strap End Punch
Number: 0151SCS
Price: Starting at $59.99
Wing Divider
Number: 106D
Price: $74.99
Needle Kit - Assorted
Number: 1206
Price: $11.99
Thread Kit - Assorted
Number: 1207
Price: $11.99
Palm AWL Haft
Number: 142W
Price: $24.99
Sewing Awl Haft
Number: 145
Price: $22.99
Oblong Punch
Number: 151SCS
Price: $54.99
C.S. Osborne Spring Punch - Pick Your Size
Number: 153F
Price: $89.99
Forged Steel 6-Tube Revolving Leather Punch
Number: 155P
Price: $99.99
Size 8 Rivet Setter
Number: 170R
Price: $29.99
Revolving Hole Punch
Number: 223-M
Price: $23.99
Osborne Osborne Durable Dot Setter
Number: 229-24
Price: $19.99
Speedy Stitcher 8in Sewing Needle
Number: 23724
Price: $4.99
Hole Punches - Choose Your Size
Number: 245SCS
Price: Starting at $9.99
Lacing or Stitching Pony
Number: 3132-00
Price: $39.99
Craftool Oblong Punch
Number: 31564SCS
Price: $19.99
Tandy Leather® Pro Rotary Leather Hole Punch
Number: 3230-00
Price: $59.99
Scratch Compass
Number: 34-001
Price: $124.99
Coats Nylon Sinew - 8 Oz.
Number: 3610
Price: $33.99
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