Microwave Cookware

Put your microwave to work so you can spend more time sitting down after work, instead of standing, stirring at the stove. The microwave egg poachers & boilers by Progressive® are some of our best-sellers - our customers LOVE the convenience of cooking their eggs in the microwave! Plus, you can microwave bacon for a healthier way to eat those sinful, tasty strips of salty goodness - and steam your veggies and salmon for a quick way to eat a guilt-free, nutritious meal. Bon appetit!



Joie Big Boiley 4 Egg Microwave Boiler
Number: HIC50986
Price: $9.99
Joie Oink Oink Microwave Bacon Tray and Splatter Lid
Number: HIC78416
Price: $12.99
Norpro Microwave Covers
Number: NOR2067
Price: $4.99
Progressive Prep Solutions Microwave Fish & Veggie Steamer
Number: PS-46GY
Price: $10.99
Progressive Prepworks Mini Steamer
Number: PS-47GY
Price: $9.99
Progressive® Prep® Solutions Large Microwave Bacon Tray - Gray
Number: PS-66GY
Price: $11.99
Progressive® Prep® Solutions Large Microwave Bacon Tray with Lid - White
Number: PS-66LID
Price: $15.99
Progressive® Prep® Solutions Microwave 4-in-1 Egg Cooker
Number: PS-72Y
Price: $7.99
Progressive® Prep® Solutions Small Microwave Bacon Tray with Lid - Gray
Number: PS-76LIDGY
Price: $10.99
Progressive® Prep® Solutions 4-Piece Microwave Ramen Cooker Set
Number: PS-94GY
Price: $9.99