Roping Dummies

Hey there Cowboy! Maybe you're a team roper looking to get in more practice when you come home from work with a roping dummy in the back yard. Or maybe you're looking for roping dummies for your son or daughter to practice roping on for rodeo. Check out the Smarty 4 wheeler roping dummy, and even roping dummy toys for your favorite roper.

Have fun heading and heeling like you're in the arena with your own at-home roping dummy! We have a blast with these things at home (and the display models here in the store) so we highly recommend you have one at your barn. Drag Smarty behind your 4 wheeler, let the Shorty go on his own, or practice tabletop roping with the small roping dummy toys - made in USA!

Whether you're into team roping, steer roping, or calf roping -- or if you just love goin' out and throwin' a rope for the fun of it - we hear ya. In fact, at our summer party every year for our employees, we make everyone rope if they wanna get a door prize! So now you know what to practice if you want to work for us *smile*

Get everything to make your rodeo heart sing at Smith & Edwards: get your mule hide horn wrap, flat-brim hat, and Wranglers all shipped to your doorstep in the same box. Plus if you love fishing, you've GOT to check out our fishing department.



Original Cowboy Toy
Number: CTOY
Price: Starting from $29.99
Shorty The Steer Roping Dummy - Green
Price: $499.99
Shorty The Steer Roping Dummy - Black
Price: $499.99
Smarty the Steer
Price: $2,649.00
Mustang Manufacturing Black Calf Head
Number: 9356W
Price: $26.99
Mustang Manufacturing Black Steer Head
Number: 9355
Price: $31.99
Supreme Western  Steel Mini Steer
Number: 1000MS
Price: $40.99
Mustang Manufacturing Junior Steer Head - Black
Number: 9357
Price: $26.99
Smarty Xtreme Roping Dummy - Green
Price: $3,995.00
Smarty the Steer - Green
Price: $2,649.00
Mustang Manufacturing Junior Collapsible Roping Dummy Stand
Number: 9005
Price: $119.99
Mustang Manufacturing Small Steer Head Stand
Number: 9002
Price: $49.99
Mustang Manufacturing Junior Steer Head - Pink
Number: 9358
Price: $25.99