Cinches & Rear Cinches

Cinches and rear cinches are important for any rider... But they're not always easy to find! Smith & Edwards has 'em because we USE 'em... We're horse people too! Not only that... But we actually make Western tack here at Smith & Edwards - so a lot of those rear cincha billets, cinches, and straps are actually made right here by us in Utah. We'll make sure you get the tack you need! Looking for trail riding & packing gear? Click here!

Whether you're just looking for a little extra security with a rear cinch for your saddle, or you're needing it for roping or trail riding, you'll be secure with a rear cinch from Smith & Edwards. And while you're here, why not pick up a cinch (cincha) so you've got one on backup or replace it at the same time?

Plus, we have everything you need to take good care of your tack so it's always in the best shape - click here to shop leather care supplies.

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Pony Cincha
Number: 102
Mustang 22" Pony Bamboo Cinch Stainless Steel
Number: 104-22
Rayon Cincha
Number: 105SCS
27 Strand Pack Cincha
Number: 10W27
Pack Cinch
Number: 124
Double Ring Pack Cincha
Number: 127-30
Smith & Edwards Cincha Connecting Strap
Number: 18-00
Roper Rayon Cincha
Number: 180SCS
Mohair Blend Cincha
Number: 206SCS
1-3/4" Rear Cincha & Billets
Number: 240-42
Partrade Nylon Cribbing Strap
Number: 247990
Kodel Lined Super Girth
Number: 271SCS
Neoprene Cincha
Number: 273
Pony Cinch
Number: 275SCS
Roper Neoprene Cincha
Number: 277SCS
PVC Straight Cincha
Number: 280SCS
PVC Roper Cincha
Number: 281SCS
Mohair Blend Roping Cincha
Number: 290SCS
Alpaca/Mohair Twist Roper Cinch
Number: 649SCS
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