Custom Dog Tags

Make your own Military ID tag! We make these all the time for customers here at Smith & Edwards: label your Dutch oven lids with your name, make a special gift, or even outfit your Scouts or students with individual tags. We offer the standard 24" chain, the short 4" chain, a silencer, and your choice of stainless, black, or red tag. Plus, when you order 20 or more dog tags with 5 lines, you can save 20%! You can even send us a file of your students' names and we will stamp out the first line with the name (remaining 4 lines are identical for the group).

Please call or email with any questions, we're happy to help you get your custom dog tags!



Military ID Tag Chain 4.5" - Black
Number: CHN04BLK
Price: $0.35
Military ID Tag Chain 4.5" - Stainless Steel
Number: CHN04SLV
Price: $0.35
Military ID Tag Chain 24" - Black
Number: CHN24BLK
Price: $1.50
Military ID Tag Chain 24" - Stainless Steel
Number: CHN24SLV
Price: $1.50
Military ID Tag Silencer - Black
Number: SLCBLK
Price: $0.50
Military ID Tag - Black
Number: TAGBK
Price: $1.50
Military ID Tag - Mirror Finish
Number: TAGMF
Price: $1.50
Military ID Tag - Original Finish
Number: TAGOM
Price: $1.50
Military ID / Medical Tag -  Red
Number: TAGRD
Price: $1.50