Western Music

Country music is a dime a dozen, but great western music is much harder to find. Discover talented artists who stick to their western roots with a traditional western sound. You'll also find talented poets and storytellers who have a gift for sharing the western story in a way that both humors, helps, and heals the soul.

When you're browsing through our collection, you'll discover award winning western music artists like country's classic Chris LeDoux, Utah's very own Brenn Hill, and up-and-coming singer/songwriter Adrian. If you are in the mood for a laugh or thoughtful introspection you'll love the hilarious and true-to-life stories and poems from Waddie Mitchell & Baxter Black. Snag one for yourself and one for a friend because we all know, whether it's cowboy music or stories, western's good for the soul!


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Ian Tyson's Eighteen Inches of Rain CD
Number: M1521
Price: $16.99
Ian Tyson's I Outgrew the Wagon CD
Number: M1551
Price: $16.99
Ian Tyson's And Stood There Amazed CD
Number: M1553
Price: $16.99
Ian Tyson's Cowboyography CD
Number: M1619
Price: $16.99
Ian Tyson's Old Corrals and Sagebrush CD
Number: M1621
Price: $16.99
Ian Tyson's All the Good 'Uns CD
Number: M1674
Price: $16.99
Ian Tyson's Lost Herd CD
Number: M1807
Price: $16.99
Dave Stamey's Tonopah CD
Number: M1973
Price: $15.99
Dave Stamey's Buckaroo Man CD
Number: M1981
Price: $15.99
Wylie and the Wild West's Paradise CD
Number: M2000
Price: $15.99
Ian Tyson's Live at Longview CD
Number: M2019
Price: $16.99
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