Ice Fishing Augers

Augers are your key to the trout, bluegill, and bass lurking below the icy reservoir surface. A hand ice auger is a great tool to get you started. Then, once you've got ice fishing fever, upgrade to an Electric Ice Auger to take the workout out of your favorite winter hobby.

There are two basic kinds of ice augers: a hand ice auger and an electric ice auger. Often the hand ice auger is the one used by beginners because it's the most economical route for getting started and you can still get great results getting your fishing hole cut. For the more seasoned ice fishing angler, or the one who wants to spend less time preparing to fish and more time doing it, the electric ice fishing auger is for you. It's powered by battery so you can get through 3 feet of ice before your buddy eats his first stick of jerky! There hasn't really been a middle ground before now, but Clam has come out with an Auger Kit Conversion Drill Plate that turns a hand auger into a power auger, just with the power of your home electric drill. A great option for the angler who wants to upgrade his hand auger but isn't ready to make the plunge to buy an electric one. Be sure you have a good ice skimmer on hand to keep your hole clean once you cut it.

StrikeMaster® 2-Cycle Low Smoke Engine Oil
Number: 2SOIL
Browning® ® Timber Air Pad
Number: ALP7275140
Ion® 8" Ice Auger Replacement Blades
Number: ESK11735
Eskimo® Auger Quick Release System (AQRS)
Number: ESK16327
Eskimo® Ice Anchor Drill Adapter
Number: ESK18734
Eskimo® 4-Cycle Engine Oil
Number: ESK20427
Ion® XC5 5 Amp-Hour Lithium Ion Battery
Number: ESK24510
Eskimo® 6" Ice Auger Pistol Bit
Number: ESK35400
Eskimo® 8" Ice Auger Pistol Bit
Number: ESK35500
Eskimo® 40CC 8" Propane Ice Auger
Number: HC40Q8
Eskimo® Hand Auger - 7"
Number: HD07
Ion® 8" Electric Ice Auger
Number: ION19150
Strikemaster Lazer™ 8" Hand Auger
Number: LD-8
Strike Master Lazer Hand Auger Replacement Blades - 8"
Number: LD-8B
Strikemaster Lazer™ 6" Hand Auger
Number: LD6
StrikeMaster LL-8B Lithium Laser Electric 8 Drill
Number: LL8B
StrikeMaster® Laser Replacement Blades
Number: LPD-8PB
StrikeMaster® Laser Replacement Blades
Number: LPD10PB
StrikeMaster® Chipper Replacement Blades
Number: MB-1025B
Strikemaster Mora® 8" Hand Auger
Number: MD-8
Eskimo® Propane Rocket Auger with AQRS
Number: P1R08
HT Enterprises 7" Polar Ice Auger
Number: PA7
Eskimo® Replacement Ice Blades for Hand Auger - 7"
Number: RB7