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Water Softener Cartridges & Systems

Water Softener Cartridges & Systems

NuvoH2O water softeners use NO SALT - instead, they use the FDA-approved citrus system that's performed in commercial buildings like restaurants for over 25 years! Can you imagine the feel of your skin and the gleam of your glassware and shower doors without the burden of 40 pounds of salt?

Check out the NuvoH20 Salt Free Water Softening system - plus, Smith & Edwards is one of the first places in Utah to find the 6-month replacement cartridges. And if you can't switch yet, grab the dishwasher scale remover - it'll make your dishwasher so happy & lime-free!

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Ace® 1.5-inch Sump Pump Check Valve
Number: 4007548
Price: $5.00
Reducing Bushing - 1.5" x 1"
Number: 44307
Price: $2.79
Ace® 4/10 HP Sump Pump
Number: 45913
Price: $109.99
Wayne Water® 1/5 HP Thermoplastic Submersible Pump
Number: 46820
Price: $109.99
Prinsco 1 1/4-inch Sump Pump Discharge Hose Kit
Number: 4752408
Price: $17.99