Cooking Utensils & Kitchen Knives

Palm peelers, pickle pickers, potato feet, oh my! If you are looking for innovative and unique kitchen gadgets you've found the right place. Not only do they make fun gifts but they cut time on mundane chores. Go ahead, explore our fruit and vegetable peelers, melon cutters, citrus zesters, orange peelers and so much more.

Whether you are looking for tried and true gadgets like fruit and vegetable peelers or something new and fun like a frozen herb keeper, you're going to find something you just can't live without. With our unique kitchen gadgets you can slice bananas in seconds, remove your tomato cores in a snap, and zest your citrus right out of your palm. For helpful tools with food preserving be sure to check out our suggestions for cherry pitters and apple peelers. Discover what's new in our spoons, spatulas, and tongs selection, too. There you'll find must-haves for every cook's kitchen.


Measuring Cups & Spoons

Measuring Cups & Spoons

When you need to whip, drip, slice, dice, strain, or drain- we've got the right device for you. Browse our Food Prep tools and check out all the essential cooking tools, like collapsible colanders and silicone steamers, that you need for preparing simple to extravagant meals.

Wash, rinse, and repeat isn’t just for your hair. Use our essential cooking tools, like the collapsible colanders or cabbage steamers, to help create memorable and mouth-watering meals. Add the right amount of sugar on anything with our sugar shaker or make that perfect gravy like grandma used to make with our gravy separator. Then check out our baking tools selection for more helpful kitchen tools.

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Whisks, Spoons, Spatulas, & Tongs

Whisks, Spoons, Spatulas, & Tongs

High quality cooking spoons, spatulas, and tongs are the staples of every great cook's kitchen. Here you'll find some of our best cooking utensils including popular silicone spatulas and nylon serving spoons and turners.

For some cooking is a chore, for others it's a passion. We'll help you flame your fire or start your passion with our best cooking utensils that we use ourselves. You'll find a great selection of beautiful and heat resistant silicone spatulas and tongs that can be used up to 600° F and come in colors and styles that make cooking fun. You'll also find high quality serving and cooking spoons and turners that come in nylon or silicone to best suit your needs.

If you've joined the fan club of silicone cookware like we have, you've got to check out our awesome lids from Charles Viancin. They make baking and serving almost effortless and bring a smile to your face every time you use them. You'll wonder how you ever cooked without them!

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Chef'n GarlicMachine™ Garlic Press
Number: 6106280
Price: $12.99
Fox Run Metal Potato Ricer/Fruit Press
Number: 6130389
Price: $16.99
Harold's Kitchen Skewers - Set of 4
Number: 62830
Price: $3.99
Progressive Egg Beater
Number: 62852
Price: $17.99
Diamond Visions Extendable Funnel - Assorted Colors
Number: 6314876
Price: $2.99
Progressive® Prepworks™ Collapsible Mini Funnel - Assorted Colors
Number: CF-150CDP
Price: $5.99
Progressive® Prepworks™ Crank-it Hand-held Citrus Juicer
Number: CJ-7
Price: $15.99
Progressive Prepworks Biscuit Cutter - Set of 7
Number: GCC-8
Price: $13.99
ChopStir Ground Meat Chopper
Number: HIC12062
Price: $8.99
Compac Mayo Knife
Number: HIC13400
Price: $2.99
Joie Citrus Juicer
Number: HIC29403
Price: $4.99
Joie Potato Scrub
Number: HIC31307
Price: $5.99
Stretch Pod Onion
Number: HIC35088
Price: $5.99
Joie Watcher Silicon Bag Ties - Set of 3
Number: HIC49505
Price: $5.99
Bamboo 15" Spoon
Number: HIC97052
Price: $2.99
Progressive® Prepworks™ Perfect Burger Press
Number: HPM-10
Price: $9.99
Camp Chef® 5-Piece All-Purpose Chef Set
Number: KSET5
Price: $34.99
Norpro Stainless Steel Mini Funnel
Number: NOR253D
Price: $4.99