Mecates, Fiadors, & Slobber Straps

Whether you use a bosal or bits with slobber straps, a good mecate rein is important in your gear.  Here you'll find traditional mecates made with horse hair and more, along with some great quality fiadors in a variety of colors that are made right here at Smith and Edwards. If you'd like a complete hackamore that includes the bosal, headstall, mecate, and fiador all together, click right here to find the perfect set.

Leather Slobber Straps
Number: SSSCS
Starting from $14.99
1/4" Hand Tied Nylon Fiador
Number: 353
22' Tail Hair Mecate
Number: 100TH
Starting from $35.99
22' Mane Hair Mecate
Number: 101MR
Starting from $46.99