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High quality, durability, and ease of use is essential when looking for a horse bit or snaffle bits. It's got to be comfortable for the horse and good looks are an added bonus. Check out our selection of beautiful western bits made of high quality materials that any horseman would be proud to show.

Whether your horse is a beginner and needs to start with snaffle bits or he's an old pro who just needs a little guidance in a stylish horse bit, you'll find some great choices here. Browse through our favorite western bits including Jeremiah Watt, Sliester, Dutton, and more. Attention to detail can be seen on every piece with graceful lines and impeccable designs.

Get your horse all he needs to be his best. I mean, he's practically part of the family! You can also find bridles and reins that will make your job easier and allow your horse to be as successful as he can be.


Shank Bits

Shank Bits

Shank bits are a common and helpful way to help you communicate easily with your horse. Browse our large selection of bits that vary in cheek length, mouthpiece, and design. You'll find everything here from the exquisitely ornate to the sturdy basics - there's something for every style and every budget. Check out our headstalls that work beautifully with all of our shank bits. Many of which are made right here in our Smith and Edwards tack shop!

Whatever your needs, we've got a shank bit for it. Look through correction bits, grazing bits, chain and gag bits, hinged port bits, curb bits, short shank snaffle bits, long shank snaffle bits, and more. Each has it's own form and function that allow you to teach, train, and communicate with your horse effectively, in your own way and your own style. They come in patterns and prices for everyone!

If quality and craftsmanship is important to you, we've got just what you need. We carry some of the best shank bits available by trusted names like Tom Balding, Jeremiah Watt, Greg Dutton, and Sliester. Each of their bits is hand made to perfection, one shank, one mouthpiece at a time - right here in the USA. We're proud of the work these folks do and we know you'll love them too! Learn more about our these great "Made in the USA" manufacturers by checking out our blog post for a series of spotlights that help you get to know these great people better!

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Ring Snaffle Bits

Ring Snaffle Bits

When training your horse to communicate with you, a snaffle bit is a great choice. Some use them as a beginning bit but others see their value far beyond the basics. It's an effective training aid that can be used throughout your horse's life. Browse our great selection of snaffle bits, including loose ring bits, eggbutt bits, d ring bits, full cheek bits, racing bits, and more. If you are looking for snaffle mouthpieces with shanks, you'll find them here.

Whether you prefer the basic snaffle bit that just gets the job done, or something more ornate to show off your horse, you'll find a great selection here. Look through some favorite Made in the USA brands like Tom Balding, Sliester, Dutton, and Jeremiah Watt as well as other brands you'll enjoy.

If you are used to Western riding, you'll find snaffle ring bits commonly used. Most colts are started in a snaffle because it's easy for them to feel each side of his mouth and to feel the pressure and release you give it. If you are looking for a new snaffle bit, whether for a new colt or an experienced horse, you can choose between loose ring bits, eggbutt bits, d ring bits, racing bits, or full cheek bits to get the job done.

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Hackamore Bits

Hackamore Bits

Using a hackamore on your horse is a great way to communicate with him. It's most known for its bitless headgear and for incredible stopping power. These mechanical hackamores work on the nose but still use shanks like a regular bit. If you are looking for a traditional hackamore with a bosal, check them out here - we make them in our very own Smith and Edwards tack shop!

A mechanical hackamore is made up of a noseband which is often leather, a curb chain, and metal shanks that the reins are attached to. Sometimes it is referred to as a bitless bridle. Many use it because it allows the horse to eat and drink easily without having to take off the headgear and is often used for its powerful stopping power. Click here to look for new reins to go with your new bit.

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Curb Straps

Curb Straps

Whether you're looking for curb chains or leather curb straps, you'll find the great-value Western tack for your bit & headstall here. We have a large selection including harness and latigo curb straps for horses!

Not only do we proudly carry nylon curb straps from companies such as Valhoma, we also make our own curb straps! You'll find several sizes and styles of curb straps above. And if you're not finding what you're looking for, please let us know! We want to be your FAVORITE Tack Shop online.

Plus, we work hard to have reasonable rates for shipping! On orders up to a pound, all you need is $3.95 to have it shipped - and most of these curb straps are 1/4 pound or less.

Match the rest of your tack by choosing a nylon color, latigo, or harness leather curb straps. Choose from single-chain, double-chain, or all-leather construction. All these curb straps are adjustable and ready for you to use with your horse. Enjoy!

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MetaLab® 5 3/4 In. Stainless Steel Slobber Bar
Number: 251250
Price: $4.49
Wild West Braiding Braided Nylon Bit Hobble - Assorted Colors
Number: 803FC
Price: $7.99
Partrade Aluminum Correction Bit
Number: 261150
Price: $59.99
W.F.Young ABS Supershine
Number: AS
Price: $19.99
Weaver Leather 4.5 in. Flat Curb Chain - Chain Only
Number: 19601W
Price: $4.99
Weaver Double Curb Chain Only
Number: 19590W
Price: $3.49
Weaver Single Curb Cain Only
Number: 19580W
Price: $2.99
Smith & Edwards 1/4" X 14" Latigo Bit Tie
Number: 1414W
Price: $0.20
Partrade 1" Nickel Snap
Number: 1003FE
Price: $5.49
Weaver 1" NP Round Eye Panic Snap
Number: 1002PS
Price: $3.99
Weaver 1/2" Nickel Panic Snap
Number: 1001
Price: $3.49
Advantage Short Double Cross
Number: ADSDBL00
Price: $229.99
Ball® Rein Chains - Nickel Plated
Number: MRC
Price: Starting at $9.99
Ball® Rein Chains - Brass
Number: MRCB
Price: Starting at $9.99
Jeremiah Watt Bit End Clevis - Set of 2
Number: JWPBC
Price: $34.99