Conchos & Rosettes

Following the traditions of Mexican Vaquero, a metal concho & a leather rosette will add function and form to your saddle. Smith and Edwards cares about tradition, so you will notice that we still carry conchos with slits to tie off your saddle strings. Plus, you can add conchos to your chaps for that extra touch of bling!



Partrade 1 1/2" Antique Sunburst And Dots
Number: 215711
Price: $11.99
Partrade 1 1/2" Antique With Silver Engraving
Number: 215712
Price: $9.99
Weaver Leather 1-5/8" Rosette #280 - Pick Your Metal
Number: 280
Price: Starting at $2.89
Partrade Stainless Steel Concho
Number: 282SS
Price: Starting at $2.50
Partrade Santa Fe Pistols Concho
Number: 28713SCS
Price: $8.99
Weaver Brass Star Concho
Number: 773B
Price: Starting at $0.59
Weaver Stap Concho Nickel
Number: 773N
Price: Starting at $0.30
Leather Saddle Conchos
Number: ROS
Price: $0.30
Punched Leather Saddle Conchos
Number: ROSP
Price: $0.45