Bed Rolls

When you want total freedom, get yourself a cowboy bed roll. Bedrolls are a tradition of the West and they're still used because they're still effective. A canvas bedroll can hold your blankets and pillow, and just roll it up and you're good to go. Check out the bedrolls for sale below, and if you need a sleeping bag, they're over here. Throw in a thermarest for good measure & comfort!

Trail riding means getting to sleep under the stars. Don't worry about bringing along the whole tent kit 'n kaboodle - strap your bedroll on your horse and you're good to go. Plus, cowboys' bed rolls serve a lot of purposes. You can waterproof your canvas bedroll and stuff a sleeping bag in it for cold & snowy nights. There's a lot more than using bed rolls for sleeping, too. In an emergency, cut it up for tourniquets and bandages. Whether you're a sheepherder, you work on a ranch, you love riding trails or you're getting ready for elk camp, you'll love having your bedroll.

Bedrolls are also great for motorcycle trips. Store valuables inside the bedroll, strap items onto the D rings, and have independence from staying in motels - a canvas bed roll will roll up and strap on your bike without fuss. It only takes saving a motel night or two and your bedroll will pay for itself.



Canvas Bed Roll with Pillow Pocket
Number: 718
Price: $231.99