Pickling Crocks & Spices

Ohio Stoneware crocks are famous for their reliability and history. Made in the USA for decades, these fermenting crocks are available in 1 through 5 gallons and will hold a ton of sauerkraut or pickles! You can find some great pickling salts & seasonings here.

We guarantee your crock will arrive unbroken! We ship these pickling crocks via FedEx with enough bubble wrap your crock arrives in perfect condition.... and if there's any issue when your crock arrives, just give us a call.

Protect your pickles as they ferment: we've got fermentation weights here for you to keep the pickles submerged and soaked in brine as they complete their process. You'll also find stoneware crocks with lids and airtight crocks. These crocks with lids are created from eco-friendly earthenware clay by Polish craftsmen. You can ferment vegetables as well as cure ham, use olive oil to preserve salami, and even allow bread to rise in these crocks!

Even when you're not using them for pickling, these fermenting crocks are a great decor item and will serve you dependably for years and years.


Pickling Spices and Salts

Pickling Spices and Salts

Discover the wide selection of flavors available from Mrs. Wages at Smith & Edwards. Your home canning just got easier - and tastier! Explore dill pickle, pickled beets, relish, and many more flavorings to add spice and zest to your canned goods.

You'll also find perfect pickling salt here, for crystal-clear brine. Plus, use alum, pickling lime, or Ball Pickle Crisp to keep your pickles crisp - it's all right here. All the pickling spices you need, even vinegar gallons, to get your kitchen ready for an afternoon of canning.

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1-Gallon Stoneware Crock
Number: 6169072
Price: $28.99
2-Gallon Stoneware Crock
Number: 6169064
Price: $34.99
3-Gallon Stoneware Crock
Number: 6169098
Price: $48.99
5-Gallon Stoneware Crock
Number: 6169122
Price: $64.99
1 Gallon Crock Lid
Number: 6262042
Price: $23.99
2 Gallon Crock Lid
Number: 6262000
Price: $26.99
3 Gallon Crock Lid
Number: 6262059
Price: $32.99
1 Gallon Pickling Crock Weights
Number: 6262091
Price: $14.99
2 Gallon Pickling Crock Weights
Number: 6262117
Price: $17.99
3 Gallon Pickling Crock Weights
Number: 6262125
Price: $19.99
5 Gallon Pickling Crock Weights
Number: 6262166
Price: $24.99