Fishing Bait & Attractant

Do you want to know the secret of catching more fish? It's adding a bit of fish attractant to your favorite lure or fish bait. These special formulas are made to attract fish at longer distances by using a concentrated scent and are glitter or UV enhanced to catch their attention from farther away. Here you'll find just what you need to increase bites and keep them on the hook up to 18 times longer, resulting in you catching more fish!

Does fish attractant really work? New anglers often ask this question. Not only are some smells more appealing to fish than others, but most importantly it masks the human scent and keeps the fish interested longer so you have more time to set the hook. We often don't realize that we are repelling the very fish we are trying to catch by just the touch of our rod, line, and when we are baiting the hook.

Make sure you've got some of our tried-and-true fish attractant in your fishing arsenal next time you go fishing. You can apply it directly to any lure, bait, or jig, increasing their effectiveness in both open water and ice fishing.

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50 Count Spikes
Number: SPIKES50
Atlas Glitter Mallows Trout Bait - Orange/Garlic
Number: AMB32033
Atlas Mike's Chartreuse Glo Eggs UV
Number: AMB1018
Atlas Mike's Glo Mallows Trout Bait - Chartreuse/Garlic
Number: AMB30039
Atlas Mike's Glo Mallows Trout Bait - Red/Anise
Number: AMB5004
Atlas Mike's Mr. Trout Salmon Eggs - Red
Number: AMB75056
Atlas Mike's Red Glo Salmon Eggs UV
Number: AMB1026
Atlas Mike's Shrimp Salmon Eggs
Number: AMB1012
Berkley 8oz Gulp Spray - Nightcrawler
Number: GSP8-NCR
Berkley 8oz Gulp Spray - Shad Shiner
Number: GSP8-SDSR
Berkley 8oz Power Scent - Bass
Number: BABA8
Berkley 8oz Power Scent - Catfish
Number: BACA8
Berkley 8oz Power Scent - Crappie
Number: BACP8
Berkley 8oz Power Scent - Trout
Number: BATR8
Berkley 8oz Power Scent - Walleye
Number: BAWA8
Berkley Gulp! Bloody Catfish Dough Fishing Bait 5OZ
Number: GDCB5-BLCH
Berkley Gulp! Waxies
Number: GHWX
Berkley Gulp® Trout Dough
Number: GDTB2-RCA
Berkley Gulp® Trout Nuggets
Number: GDTN
Berkley PowerBait® Attractant
Number: BATR2P
Berkley PowerBait® Glitter Chroma-Glow Dough
Number: BGXTB
Starting from $5.49
Berkley PowerBait® Glitter Turbo Dough
Number: STBTDG
Starting from $5.29
Berkley PowerBait® Natural Scent - Corn
Number: BTCOY2
Berkley PowerBait® Natural Scent Glitter - Garlic
Number: BGTG
Starting from $4.49
Berkley PowerBait® Natural Scent Glitter - Salmon Egg
Number: BGTSS
Starting from $3.99
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