Hunting, Outfitting & Trail Riding Accessories

Protect your gear when you're on the trail! Cover your bags with mantees and use our rain cover to make sure your bags stay dry. Plus, if you're hunting on horseback, keep your rifle at your side in these hard-to-find leather rifle scabbards. We have even more Horse Pack Saddle Bags here (or click here to shop all Trail Riding & Packing items).

When you're hunting off a horse, mount your scabbard off your pommel or however you like it so you can draw your rifle in a hurry when you see "the BIG one"! You'll find several options to help you pack the rifle you want for the hunt.

Plus, keep your Pack Saddle Bags nice and dry with one of our rain covers. You'll find manties here too. At Smith & Edwards, we want to be your source for ALL your backcountry needs: from cooking with cast iron and spices to all the tack you could dream of, you'll have all the trail riding accessories and Western living comforts to choose from. Through our partnerships with the US Postal Service and FedEx, you can get great shipping rates and fast delivery, even to the most rural addresses on old country roads.



Smith & Edwards Leather Scabbard Straps - 1 Pair
Number: 413
Price: $9.99
Harness Leather Deluxe Scabbard with Flap
Number: 4614
Price: $134.99
Harness Leather Rifle Scabbard
Number: 4619
Price: $124.99
Leather Carbine Scabbard
Number: 4630
Price: $80.99
56" x 25" Brown Pack Rain Cover
Number: PB800
Price: $69.39
Smith & Edwards 7 x 9 Foot Canvas Pack Mantee
Number: 79
Price: $45.99
Smith & Edwards 7 x 7 Foot Canvas Pack Mantee
Number: 77
Price: $37.99
Smith & Edwards Pack Saw with Latigo Leather Scabbard
Number: SW
Price: Starting from $59.99
Condor Shotgun Scabbard
Number: 148
Price: Starting from $31.99
Smith & Edwards 43" Rifle Scabbard - Black
Number: SEGS43
Price: $44.99
Smith & Edwards 51" Rifle Scabbard - Black
Number: SEGS51
Price: $47.99
Smith & Edwards 57" Magnum Rifle Scabbard - Black
Number: SEGS57
Price: $52.99
Brown Ralide Overshoe Stirrups
Number: 2116
Price: $24.99
Orange Ralide Overshoe Stirrups
Number: 2116BO
Price: $20.99
Dickson Deluxe Elk Bag
Number: DGB400
Price: $11.99