Saddle Pads

Get maximum comfort for you and your horse with our western saddle pads and liners. Browse Diamond Wool Pads that are handmade right here in the USA by professionals who know their craft. Count on our online selection to be top quality, comfortable, and long-lasting.

The purpose of western saddle pads is to make you and your horse more comfortable. They provide cushioning between the saddle and the horse as well as padding between the horse and the rider - not to mention the fact that they keep the saddle cleaner. Diamond wool saddle pads are ideal because they are breathable, insulate against both cold and heat, wick away sweat, and clean easily. Maybe even more importantly, a wool pad relieves pressure off your joints, distributes the weight evenly, and is shock absorbent which makes for a smoother, more comfortable ride for you and your horse. If you're looking for saddle accessories like our popular mule hide horn wraps or bucking rolls, click here.

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Mustang Manufacturing Navajo Print Top Economy Fleece Pony Pad
Number: 1103
Mustang Manufacturing Wool Top Fleece Show Pad with Wear Leathers
Number: 1160
Toklat Cool Back Pack Saddle Pad Felt Iinserts 44X30 White
Number: 11FW
Mustang 32"X32" Navajo Serape Pad
Number: 1245
Mustang Manufacturing Serape Pattern Fleece Barrel Pad
Number: 1470
Mustang Manufacturing Serape Pattern Fleece Pad
Number: 1485
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