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Automotive & Marine Adhesives

Make minor automotive and boat repairs with the some of the strongest adhesives. Form permanent bonds on a variety of parts and components to get your vehicle or boat out as quickly and safely as possible.

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Shine Armor Quick Coat
Number: 6009208
Price: $12.00
Peak® Antifreeze + Coolant 50/50 Prediluted Universal Formula
Number: 8030501
Price: $15.99
Camco® Arctic Ban -50° RV/Marine Antifreeze
Number: 81003
Price: $4.59
Forney® Professional Tire Gauge
Number: FOR75345
Price: $7.49
Forney® Tractor Tire Gauge
Number: FOR75348
Price: $8.49
Forney® Angled Tire Gauge - 1/4 in.
Number: FOR75491
Price: $6.99
Forney® Angled Truck Tire Gauge - 1/4 in.
Number: FOR75492
Price: $6.99
Hi-Lift 48" Cast-Steel Jack
Number: HL-484
Price: $109.99
SE® Auto Emergency Tool
Number: SEEH432
Price: $3.99