Kitchen Storage & Organization

Check out the fastest moving products in housewares - Charles Viancin silicone lids. They come in a variety of beautiful shapes and sizes including poppies, hibiscus, sunflowers, and snowflakes. Not only do they look great as decorative bowl covers, but they can really hold the heat…... up to 428° F that is.

Once you try the Charles Viancin silicone lids, you'll discover what the fuss is all about. These eco-friendly bowl covers create an airtight seal and fit on any smooth rimmed bowl or pot. Not only do you no longer need plastic wrap or aluminum foil, but they are cold and heat resistant, too. That means you can use these gorgeous lids in the fridge, freezer, microwave, oven, and on your stove top frying pans as well. They come in all sizes from 4" mug lid covers to 13" covers for your extra large pans and bowls. You'll also want to try the Charles Viancin food prep tools like the silicone colanders, overboil rings, and double boiler. They make cooking and storage so much easier!



ViewTainer 2" By 6" Spillproof Container
Number: 2408730
Price: $3.99
ViewTainer 2" By 6" Spillproof Container
Number: 2408748
Price: $3.99
InterDesign® Wall Mount Paper Towel Holder - White ABS Plastic
Number: 60981
Price: $8.99
InterDesign® Forma 9" Over-the-Cabinet Single Dish Towel Bar - Stainless Steel
Number: 6134126
Price: $13.99
InterDesign® Forma Over-the-Cabinet Hook - Stainless Steel
Number: 6134134
Price: $6.99
InterDesign® Marcel Over-the-Cabinet Dish Towel Bar - Bronze
Number: 6151112
Price: $12.99
Rubbermaid Open Top Wastebasket, 12 quart White
Number: 6166441
Price: $6.99
Spectrum Diversified  Paper Towel Holder, Clear
Number: 62153
Price: $7.99
Progressive® Prepworks™ Collapsible Entertaining & Deviled Egg Tray
Number: BCC-7
Price: $34.99
OXO Pepper Mill
Number: OXO1188400
Price: $13.99