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Rub your hands together to make an Arrowcopter soar! Plus - kids all over are LOVING their kendama toys! A Japanese game of skill and hand-eye coordination, this fun game is the perfect gift for your third-grader up to your high schooler. No batteries or blinking lights: this game is wood and string. Juggle the ball and catch it on each of the four corners of the handle to win! Click here to see how to play Kendama.



Melissa and Doug® Dinosaurs Learning Mat
Number: MD5027
Price: $2.99
Melissa and Doug® Phonics Learning Mat
Number: MD5030
Price: $2.99
Melissa and Doug® Addition Learning Mat
Number: MD5031
Price: $2.99
Melissa and Doug® Subtraction Learning Mat
Number: MD5032
Price: $2.99
Melissa and Doug® Telling Time Learning Mat
Number: MD5036
Price: $2.99
Melissa and Doug® Countries of the World Learning Mat
Number: MD5042
Price: $2.99
Smithsonian® Microscope Kit
Number: NSI22249R
Price: $19.99
Smithsonian® Rock and Gem Dig™ science set
Number: NSI52046
Price: $14.99
Original Rock Tumbler™ Refill Kit
Number: NSI602
Price: $12.99
Original Rock Tumbler™ Kit
Number: NSI635
Price: $64.99
Play Monster® Take 'N' Play Anywhere™ Chess
Number: PM672
Price: $7.99
Play Monster® Take 'N' Play Anywhere™ Hangman
Number: PM673
Price: $7.99
Play Monster® Yeti in my Spaghetti®
Number: PM6958
Price: $14.99