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You've got a tough job - and whether that means ripped knees in your pants, cold fingers, or always needing more pockets, Smith & Edwards carries a huge selection. The top brands stand up to a lot and they'll keep you warm and safe on the job.

From the North Dakota oil fields to Utah electricians and contractors, government jobs with the Utah Department of Natural Resources and security work, you'll find the workwear you need to be compliant, safe, and either warm or cool depending on your job! Plus, you can get the work boots you need here

You'll find coveralls, flame-resistant workwear, high-visibility workwear, and work shirts and pants that will make your life easier. We love brands like Carhartt, Dickies, and Caterpillar just like you do. You'll get GREAT rates on shipping (free in-store pickup in Farr West, Utah!). And you'll get competitive prices on workwear you won't find anywhere else. From Yellowstone Gloves to Carhartt bibs, we want to give you the best selection of men's workwear out there so you can focus on what matters most.


Work Shirts

Work Shirts

Smith & Edwards stocks work shirts for your job and weekend work for men up to 3XL and 2XL Tall in select styles. From companies you trust: CAT, Carhartt, Dickies, Ariat, and more, you'll have the shirts that hold up to anything you need. Plus, we're happy to special order sizes and colors for you.

Looking for something specific? Click here to see just FR clothing and just High-Vis clothing.

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Work Pants

Work Pants

You'll find lots of work pants for men in the colors & styles you like, the sizes you need, from the brands you trust. Smith & Edwards has carried Carhartt for over 50 years - you'll find Carhartt pants as well as Cinch, Ariat, Dickies, and Wrangler for your job. Even CAT work pants with knee pads. Whether you wear them to a job site, a customer's home, or working the ranch, these work jeans and canvas pants will hold up for you.

There's more to Smith & Edwards than workwear! Click to shop Men's Work Boots and Kid's Toys.... And how about fishing gear?

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Work Coveralls & Overalls

Work Coveralls & Overalls

You provide for your family - you deserve work gear that won't let you down. You'll find tough Dickies coveralls and Carhartt bibs at Smith & Edwards. We stock denim, duck canvas, and cotton coveralls, biberalls, and overalls.

At Smith & Edwards we try to have everything you want for work & play. You'll find Work Pants here, too. Plus, if you love fishing, make sure to check out our fishing tackle & bait here.

If you're more a Ropin' guy than a fishing guy, click here to check out ropes, ropin' dummies, and more fun toys.

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Work Jackets & Sweatshirts

Work Jackets & Sweatshirts

The people who do the toughest jobs, need the toughest clothing to keep them going. You'll be warm and safe in a Carhartt® jacket. It'll work hard for you on the job site, and if you want to wear it on the weekend at the ranch or the lake, it'll hold up there too. Click here to shop fishing gear.

You'll find all the Carhartt® jackets and vests in the size you need here at Smith & Edwards, and they'll be waiting on your doorstep for when you get home from work. Right now all orders under 10 pounds ship for $9.95 or less!

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High Visibility Workwear

High Visibility Workwear

Find the high vis workwear you need at Smith & Edwards. From vests you can keep in your truck to the day in and day out high visibility workwear shirts in both orange and yellow, long sleeve and short sleeve, from brands you trust like Carhartt.

Need a glove that'll stand up to barb wire? Click here to check out our best-selling Yellowstone Gloves.

Welcome to Smith & Edwards! We love shipping you the workwear you need, but workwear (click here to shop all workwear and work boots) is just the beginning!

Since you're already here, take a look at our Fishing department and get some tackle & bait. Do you love good sauces? Our Kitchen department has hundreds of spices & sauces available. And if you want to get a little treat for you kiddo, you've GOT to checkout the tractors, animals & toys in our Toy department.

We want to make sure you're safe on the jobsite, so you'll find great Carhartt high vis workwear and ways to stay safe here at Smith & Edwards. Thanks for coming by!

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Flame Resistant Workwear

Flame Resistant Workwear

Get the gear you need that'll keep you safe: flame resistant shirts and pants from brands like Wrangler, Ariat, and Cinch. Wear the style of clothing you like while being compliant and safe on the job.

It shouldn't cost a fortune to get the right gear for work. You'll find affordable FR clothing at Smith & Edwards - and good shipping rates - so you can get the clothing you need with money left over to get your kiddo a toy.

Whether you're working a site in the oilfields of North Dakota or you're a contractor or electrician in your town, you'll want some reliable fire resistant workwear to keep you safe. We ship everywhere in the US from our store in Utah. If you need work boots, more men's workwear, or heck even fishin' gear, make sure and come to Smith & Edwards. We have EVERYTHING you need for work AND for fun!

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Work Gloves & Aprons

Work Gloves & Aprons

There's nothing like getting a new pair of gloves and having them open up and getting' POKED the first week on the job. Get serious: Yellowstone Gloves are what you need!

Our customers love Yellowstone gloves, we've carried them for over 40 years. Click here to read about Yellowstone Gloves, based in Idaho Falls, Idaho. Made in USA, these deerskin gloves stand up to barbed wire and anything else you put them through. For the price of 1 pair, you'll find they outlast three or four more pairs of cheaper gloves. Plus, you'll find cowhide, elkskin, and other types of work gloves here for you.

You'll find the work gloves that'll work hard for you at Smith & Edwards. One neat thing about Yellowstone gloves is all the seams are on the sides and fingers, so you have seamless backs and seamless palms on your gloves.

Invest in your work gear because it'll take care of you on the job site! Smith & Edwards has been around since 1947, a family company based out of Utah. We proudly carry other solid brands that will take care of you, like Carhartt, Yellowstone Glove, and Wrangler. (Click here to shop all Workwear.) We've carried Yellowstone Gloves since the 1980s out of Idaho Falls and we've always been pleased with their quality. Your gloves are made out of hides from local hunters and made in the USA. Thank you for your business and come back & visit often!

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Work Belts, Tool Bags, & Knee Pads

Work Belts, Tool Bags, & Knee Pads

Whether you work on house construction, in the oil fields, on film sets, or shoeing horses out the back of your truck, you need work belts & bags that hold the gear you work with. At Smith & Edwards, we're used to outfitting hard workers from ranching, construction, security, and more. We've got you covered with the work gear bags you need.

Looking for even more gear bags? We carry mil-spec MOLLE bags & tactical gear in our Military & Surplus department.

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Dickies Men's Carpenter Relaxed Duck Jeans
Number: 1939
Price: Starting at $34.99
Dickies Men's Indigo Denim Bib Overalls
Number: 83294
Price: Starting at $29.95
Carhartt® Men's High Visibility Class 2 Vest
Number: 100501
Price: Starting at $19.99
Carhartt® Men's Gravel Rigby 5-Pocket Jeans
Number: 102517
Price: $39.99
CAT Men's Trademark Banner Long Sleeve Tee
Number: 1510034
Price: $16.99
CAT Men's Trademark Banner Hooded Sweatshirt
Number: 1910709
Price: $34.99
Ariat® FR M4 Lowrise Boot
Number: 10012555
Wrangler® Men's Riggs Workwear Utility Jeans
Number: 3W030
Price: Starting at $39.95
Wrangler® Men's Riggs Workwear® Short-Sleeve Pocket T-shirt
Number: 3W700
Price: Starting at $17.95
Carhartt® Acrylic Watch Hat
Number: A18
Carhartt® Men's Double-Front Dungaree Work Pants
Number: B01
Price: Starting at $39.99
Berne® Deluxe Insulated Bib Overall - Brown Duck
Number: B415BD
Price: Starting at $69.99
Berne® Deluxe Insulated Bib Overall - Black
Number: B415BK
Price: Starting at $69.99
Carhartt® Men's Duck Traditional Quilt Lined Arctic Coat
Number: C003
Price: Starting at $99.99
Berne® Heritage Duck Hooded Active Work Jacket - Duck Brown
Number: HJ51BD
Price: Starting at $49.99
Berne® Heartland Washed Duck Hooded Work Coat - Bark Brown
Number: HJ626BB
Price: Starting at $69.99
Berne® Heartland Washed Duck Hooded Work Coat - Grey Stone
Number: HJ626GSN
Price: Starting at $69.99
Berne® Heartland Washed Duck Hooded Work Coat - Moss Green
Number: HJ626MGN
Price: Starting at $69.99
Carhartt® Men's Duck Quilted Flannel Lined Active Jacket
Number: J140
Price: Starting at $99.99
Carhartt® Men's Hooded Zip-Front Sweatshirt
Number: K122
Price: Starting at $44.99
Carhartt® Men's Long Sleeve Workwear Pocket T-Shirt
Number: K126
Price: Starting at $24.99
Carhartt® Men's Workwear Pocket T-Shirt
Number: K87
Price: Starting at $16.99
Maxxsel Men's Sherpa Lined Fleece Hoodie
Number: M1079
Price: $29.99
Maxxsel Men's Plaid Polar Fleece Shirt Jacket
Number: M4065
Price: $29.99
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