Farm & Ranch Toys

Farm & Ranch Toys

While you're looking for workwear or Dutch oven supplies, make sure and pick out a toy animal or figurine. Your kids will love playing with the toy horses, cows, chickens & more from our favorite brands: Schleich, John Deere tractors, and Breyer.

You'll love the look of delight on the faces of your children as they imagine these Schleich animals coming to life in their hands: the beautiful Icelandic pony's mane blowing in the breeze, and the playful kid goats and calves playing - in the sandbox, in the playroom, or outside in the sun.

The handpainted, realistic Schleich figurines are the best farm animal toys for your child. Unlock hours of playtime and add to their collection on birthdays. These farm animal collectibles are durable and quality-made that your child might pass them on to their own children someday.

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Plush & Stuffed Animals

Plush & Stuffed Animals

As soft and cuddly as they are cute, your grandkids will LOVE getting a Beanie Boo from you! Choose their favorite animal or color from adorable 6" tall stuffed animals, and their 8" and 9" brothers. With big, glittery eyes and smiling faces, we think these are just the cutest plush toys Ty® has come out with!

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Wooden Toy Guns & Swords

Wooden Toy Guns & Swords

Perfect for Halloween and everyday playtime, your kids will LOVE playing with these wooden rubber band guns and wooden toy swords and shields! Paint them, decorate them, burn their initials or designs into them - have a blast with the endless possibilities! The simplest toys can really set your children's creativity free. Whether for a costume or the dress-up box, or even rubber band guns for your office pranks, you'll find it at Smith & Edwards. Make sure to stock up on official rubber band gun ammo!

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Imperial® Glass Marbles
Number: 9804998
Price: $2.59
Lanard® Tuff Tools Multi-Tool Set
Number: LAN51005
Price: $12.99
Melissa and Doug® Wooden Beginner Recorder
Number: MD1301
Price: $6.99
Melissa and Doug® Harmonica
Number: MD1456
Price: $4.99
Melissa and Doug® Deluxe Pounding Bench Toddler Toy
Number: MD4490
Price: $16.99
Melissa and Doug® Pound-a-Peg Classic toy
Number: MD496
Price: $9.99
Melissa & Doug Stacking Train Toddler Toy
Number: MD572
Price: $16.99
Melissa & Doug Sack of Snakes
Number: MD6063
Price: $6.99
Minecraft® Mini-Figurine
Number: MSCFXT80
Price: $2.99
Princess In A Tin
Number: MTN10848
Price: $6.99
Toy Smith® Bird Whistle
Number: TS1942
Price: $1.49
Toy Smith® Chinese Jump Rope
Number: TS2121-36
Price: $2.99
Toy Smith® Giant Parachuter
Number: TS334P
Price: $0.99
Toy Smith® Train Whistle
Number: TS6194
Price: $2.99