Feed Bags, Buckets, & De-Icers

When you're a horse person, you've invested in an 1100-pound eating machine. Make it easy on yourself with de-icers so your pitchfork isn't an ice-breaking tool anymore. When you're on the trail or if you've got a messy eater, place some grain in your feed bag and let your horse graze in one of these ironcloth or canvas horse feed bags. Ironcloth is amazing because you can just hose it out and it won't mold or rot!

Feed bags are also a great way to make sure your horse gets her supplements or meds, just drop them in with the grain - the canvas feed bag is perfect for powders. We make these horse feed bags for sale ourselves here in our Utah workshop. If you're looking for more trail riding gear, click here!

Why use a Feed Bag?

Horse feed bags have 3 important uses. First, when you're trail riding, you may not come across a nice field for your horse to graze. In that case, it's time to pull out the grain and let your horse snack while you take pictures, tuck into some trail grub, or just take a rest and appreciate the scenery.

Second, maybe your horse is a little older, has dental issues, or you're trying to give her and JUST her some supplements or medicine. Or, she's just a heckuva messy eater and slings grain! In that case, she's going to like the feed bag... and you're going to LOVE it.

The third reason to use a feed bag with your horse is if you have boarders in your pasture and the horses have drama. Avoid the whole issue of food-aggressive horses and stealing food, and give everyone their own bag.

Disadvantages of horse feed bags? Well, with everything horsey, it's maintenance. Your feed bag may get gummy or gross if you don't take care to wash it. With canvas feed bags, wash them very well, and make sure to air-dry thoroughly. With nylon, ironcloth, and mesh feed bags, cleanup is a lot easier because you don't have as much danger of rot and mildew. Just wash and you're good to go!


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K&D Equestrian 2 Qt. Feed Scoop - Assorted Colors
Number: 119
Price: $4.99
K&D Equestrian 20 Qt. Flat Back Silver Line Bucket - Assorted Colors
Number: 120EB
Price: $12.99
K&D Equestrian Tote All Utility Tote - Assorted Colors
Number: 127
Price: $23.99
Mustang Manufacturing Bale Bag - Hunter Green
Number: 1381E
Price: $36.99
Mustang Manufacturing Mesh Feed Bag
Number: 1443
Price: $16.99
API® Sinking De-Icer - 1500 Watt
Number: 15N
Price: $58.99
API® Universal Drain Plug De-Icer - 1500 Watt
Number: 2002DP
Price: $66.99
Smith & Edwards Canvas Horse Feed Bag
Number: 207
Price: $18.99
Smith & Edwards Nylon Mesh Feed Bag
Number: 208
Price: $16.99
API® Heated Flatback Bucket - 20 Quart
Number: 20FB
Price: $58.99
C.S. Osborne & Co. 6" D Handle Hay Hook
Number: 287
Price: $32.99
Smith & Edwards Leather & Nylon Feed Bag
Number: 5W
Price: $43.99
API® Bucket Heater - 1000 Watt
Number: 742G
Price: $62.99
API® Floating De-Icer - 1500 Watt
Number: 7521
Price: $41.99
API® Galvanized De-Icer Guard
Number: 88R
Price: $14.99
Mustang Manufacturing Bucket Strap
Number: 8963
Price: $6.99
API® Heated Plastic Pet Bowl - 5 Quart
Number: BOWL-P
Price: $36.99