Leather Punches & Rivet Setters

Smith & Edwards carries leather punching tools and equipment to help you work on your tack. Punch extra belt holes, make a strap, or connect your gear with rivets (click here) and rivet setters. Solid tools from Crafttool and Heritage.



Cutting Pad 10"X10"X1/2"
Number: 603
Price: $59.99
Tandy Leather® Pro Rotary Leather Hole Punch
Number: 3230-00
Price: $59.99
Tandy Leather Tubular Rivet Peening Tool
Number: 8099-00
Price: $15.99
Craftool Rivet Setter
Number: 8100-00
Price: $3.99
English Point Strap End Punch
Number: 0150SCS
Price: Starting at $59.99
Rounded Strap End Punch
Number: 0151SCS
Price: Starting at $59.99
Oblong Punch
Number: 151SCS
Price: $54.99
Anvil For 155p Punch
Number: 155CA
Price: $7.99
Forged Steel 6-Tube Revolving Leather Punch
Number: 155P
Price: $99.99
Size 8 Rivet Setter
Number: 170R
Price: $29.99
Revolving Hole Punch
Number: 223-M
Price: $23.99
Hole Punches - Choose Your Size
Number: 245SCS
Price: Starting at $9.99
Craftool Oblong Punch
Number: 31564SCS
Price: $19.99
Craftool Rivet & Burr Setter
Number: 8110SCS
Price: $15.99