Food Strainers, Sauce Makers and Mills

Turn the summer's bounty into tomato sauce, applesauce, pumpkin puree, juice, and salsa! Perfect for making baby food as well as tasty snacks and desserts for the whole family.

Choose from trusted sauce maker brands like Norpro and Weston if you want to make your own tomato sauce or applesauce. We've even got inserts like a grape spiral and berry and pumpkin screens so you can process grapes, raspberries, blackberries, and squash. Or check out a food press like this china cap food press to crush berries and fruit into juice.



Food Press with Stand and Pestle
Number: 62291
Price: $59.99
3-1/2 Quart Food Mill, Stainless Steel
Number: 62974
Price: $49.99
Roots & Branches® Food Strainer & Sauce Maker 250
Number: VKP250
Price: $79.99
Roots & Branches® Berry Screen for 250
Number: VKP250-1
Price: $16.99
Roots & Branches® Screen Gasket for 250
Number: VKP250-10
Price: $1.99
Roots & Branches® Pumpkin Screen for 250
Number: VKP250-2
Price: $16.99
Roots & Branches® Salsa Screen for 250
Number: VKP250-3
Price: $16.99
Roots & Branches® Grape Spiral for 250
Number: VKP250-4
Price: $7.99