Leather Sewing Tools

Smith & Edwards carries precision tools and equipment to help you with the fine, intricate parts of leather crafting. You'll find awls, shears, needle kits, threads, & adhesive. And to help you further, our Western department manager Marty made this video on How to use a sewing awl for leather working - check it out!

Sewing Awl Haft
Number: 145
E-Z Cut Leather Shears
Number: 708
Needle Kit - Assorted
Number: 1206
Thread Kit - Assorted
Number: 1207
Tandy Leather 2-Prong Lacing Needle
Number: 1190-10
5" Bent Pack Needle
Number: 508BP
Saddlers' Stitching Awls
Harness Needles - Pack of 25
Number: HNSCS
Starting from $7.99
Household Repair Needle Kit
Number: K-1
Lockstitch Sewing Awl
Tear Mender Leather Adhesive
Number: TGC
Starting from $5.99