Colanders & Strainers

When you're making spaghetti & pasta, having a colandar ready in the sink to strain out the water is SO much easier than trying to drain the water with the pan lid! Colanders can save your shoulders as well as just make it faster, all the way around! Colanders are also great for rinsing shrimp, cherries, grapes, and they're just an essential kitchen tool. Progressive Prepworks® carries colanders that simply fold up and collapse into a flat piece, so you can store them easier than ever! Plus, you can place a colander in a pot of boiling water to steam vegetables. Enjoy cooking again!

Chef'n Sleekstore Collapsible Colanders
Number: 102COL
Starting from $14.99
Progressive Prepworks Collapsible Mini Colander - assorted colors
Number: CC-60CDP
Progressive Prepworks Collapsible Berry Colander - assorted colors
Number: CC-7CDP
Core™ Salad Spinner & Chef Set
Number: CORG22556
Harold Import Fry Drainer
Number: HIC42131
Norpro Scoop Colanders
Number: NOR217
Starting from $1.00