Fishfinders and Downriggers

What's the easiest way to catch deep water fish? By using a fish finder and downrigger of course! These help you to see what lies beneath the water's surface and put's your fishing line in depths that casting just can't!

Fish finders and downriggers have been reliable in catching bigger and better fish for many years. Scope out a school of fish with your fish finder, drop your downrigger line in, sit back and see what happens!

Be sure to get the right bait and attractant for your line too. See our fishing rep's 4 tips for spring fishing and trolling!



Offshore Medium Tension Single Release
Number: 0274-0004
Price: $12.99
Offshore Medium Stacker Release
Number: 0274-0018
Price: $21.99
Cannon Treminator Kit
Number: 2250141
Price: $7.99
Cannon Easi-Troll Downrigger
Number: CAN1901020
Price: $249.99
Cannon Uni-Troll 10 Downrigger STX
Number: CAN1901130
Price: $319.99
Cannon Universal Stacker Release
Number: CAN2250105
Price: $21.99
Cannon Magnum 10 STX Downrigger
Number: JON1902305
Price: $699.99
Offshore Light Tension Single Downrigger Release
Number: OR-4
Price: $12.99
Offshore Light Stacker Downrigger Release
Number: OR-7
Price: $24.99
Offshore Right Side Planer
Number: OR12R
Price: $39.99
Scotty® Depthpower Downrigger with Braided Line
Number: SCO1106B
Price: $599.99