Bosals & Hackamores

Bosals are a great alternative to bits and a fine part of the California riding tradition. You'll find several sizes of rawhide bosals here at Smith & Edwards, made with beautiful braiding and shaping. Many riders find bosals and hackamores an elegant and gentle solution and an excellent communication tool. Order one today to start your own journey with a bosal headstall.

Why use a bosal? Many riders have asked the same question, with different answers. First, if a horse has been mistreated or has a sore mouth, being able to communicate with your horse without any junk in the mouth is a big help! Secondly, many people simply prefer them: it's a style of riding from the Spanish, Texas, and California tradition that relies on braided rawhide and a hackamore or headstall designed for a bosal, instead of metal bits. This means your horse has an easier time drinking out on the trail, as well.

Finally, some people love to use a bosal as an intermediate step, before introducing a snaffle or curb bit to a young horse. Ultimately it will be up to you to watch and determine what kind of bit or bosal your horse responds best to. Whatever you decide, we hope you return to Smith & Edwards for all your Western tack and riding needs.



Smith & Edwards Hackamore with Bosal
Number: 198SCS
Price: Starting at $77.99
Smith & Edwards Complete Hackamore with Headstall
Number: 220H
Price: Starting at $83.99
Latigo Bosal Hanger
Number: 352
Price: $7.99
Rawhide Pencil Bosal with Loop Ring
Number: B1PB
Price: $64.99
Cable Core Bosal - Choose Width
Number: BECSCS
Price: Starting at $54.99
Rawhide Core Bosal - Choose Width
Number: BRCSCS
Price: Starting at $89.99
Blood Knot Bosal Hanger
Number: CCGBH
Price: $19.99
Rawhide Pencil Bosal
Number: R12
Price: $69.99
Rawhide Pencil Bosal W/ Forelock
Number: R12M
Price: $59.99