Martingales & Training Forks

A training fork or martingale will help you train your horse to keep her head down. We make great martingales and training forks for horses here at our workshop in Farr West, Utah - they'll hold up to quite a lot!

You'll find great-quality leather training forks here for you to use on your horses as you train them for Western pleasure, dressage, or shows. A running martingale will help you train your horse from flailing his head and for specific events.

Training Forks vs Martingales

The difference between training forks and martingales is a subject of much discussion! And essentially, it's the same thing. A training fork is a solid leather triangle, with two rings at the top for reins. A traditional running martingale has a strap in addition to the fork. The strap goes around the horse's throat. Some people see running martingales as English as opposed to Western training forks. Ultimately it comes down to what works for you and the horse you're training!

Training Martingale
Number: 150-01
Leather Rein Fork
Number: 404
Leather Running Martingale
Number: 406
Harness Leather Training Forks
Number: BCLH811
Harness Leather Training Forks w/ Tubing
Number: BCLH812
Leather Running Martingale
Number: BCLH840
German Martingale Barrel Style Reins
Number: BCLH846